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Featured Items :
Two Cents

Item - 11435

Item - 11456
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Inventory Listings:
Two Cents


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Two Cents
Item - 11443
2C 1864 PCGS PR65RB
$ 3750.00
This is a great example of a tougher Civil War era date. Even hard core quality wonks WILL like it!

Deep mirrors beam from all over. They have bold clarity, they are super clean, and they have bold reflectivity. There are NO spots or stains. Both sides are a delightful mix of faint Mint Red/pale brown/light gold/pale green colors. Every detail has light frost and is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is exceptional!

ONLY 100 were minted. PCGS 38, NGC 39, CAC 18. Don't let the pops fool you, finding a real GEM is difficult! The last record of one selling in auction was from 02/2014. That coin realized $3,672.00. The coin offered here is really terrific and will fit into ANY GEM set!


Two Cents
Item - 11456
2C 1866 PCGS PR66RD
$ 9500.00
We have not seen an 1866 as nice as this in YEARS!

This piece exhibit REAL deep mirrors. They are crystal clear, super clean, and have bold reflectivity. Both sides are a natural GEM INT RED with hints of gold. There are ZERO microscopic flecks or spots. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike and has nice frost. The eye appeal is tremendous!

ONLY 725 were minted. PCGS 6, NGC 4, CAC 1. These are NONE graded higher. We think the printed values for this date and grade (especially for this coin which has real quality + eye appeal) are ridiculously low. Even if you gave us $10,000.00, considering this is the ONLY PR66 RD CAC'd (a huge statement) we doubt we could find anything even remotely similar. The market has clearly put this piece "on sale". Opportunity booms like a huge cannon here!

Two Cents
Item - 11056
$ 5950.00
No question PCGS is extra strict on how they grade these. This coin is clearly high end!

Moderate mirrors are ultra clean-even if you use a strong glass. They are clear and offer good reflectivity. A moderate mix of original brown/pale magenta/pale record colors all mix evenly on both sides. Every detail is razor sharp in strike and has light frost. The eye appeal is excellent!

This is a Proof only date with just 600 minted. PCGS 28, NGC 40, CAC 14. The current Collectors Universe Value is $6,500.00. In 2008 this piece sold for $6,038.00. Here is a great opportunity to acquire one of the Keys in great condition!

Two Cents
Item - 11435
2C 1873 OPEN 3 PCGS PR66RB
$ 10500.00
PHENOMENAL EVERYTHING! We've handled the majority graded for the date above PR65 and can tell you with out hesitation, this coin is by far one of the VERY best!

There are actually mirrors with strong reflectivity on this piece. Typically the mirrors are flat and lifeless. Plus, the mirrors are clean and clear. There are absolutely NO negatives save for a few tiny scattered toning dots on the reverse. Both sides are a totally original mix of original pale chocolate brown/gold/blue/violet/pale purple colors. The eye appeal is fabulous!

This is a PROOF ONLY DATE with just 500 total minted (Closed and Open combined). The Open date is by far the rarer of the two. PCGS 9, NGC 12, CAC 6. The last one to sell in auction brought $11,750.00 06/2014. We assure you, this piece is one of the prettiest 1873 PR Open 3's we have EVER seen. And it is FRESH! Opportunity knocks loud here.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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