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Item - 11146
25C 1859 PCGS PR64+CAMEO
$ 3500.00
WOW! Its been ages (2011) since we last handled a really nice 1859 PR 25C. This coin has nearly blinding flash!

Incredibly deep mirrors may very well end in China. They are clear, have just a few ultra light stray lines, and have obvious intense reflectivity. There is a tiny tick on the holder on the obverse-not on the coin. Miss Liberty and the details are well frosted a silvery white. The eye appeal is intense!

Only 800 were minted. PCGS 4, NGC 6, CAC 4. The current Collectors Universe Value is $3,350.00. A PR65 CAM CAC would probably cost you $6,000.00+-if you can even find one!


Item - 11368
25C 1883 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 7750.00
Get out your Ray Bans for when you view this coin!

"In your face" deep and nearly blinding mirrors burst from all over. They have great clarity, cleanliness, and of course intense reflectivity. The mirrors roll like "liquid mercury" with that watery look when you twirl them. There is no toning. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is bold!

PCGS 2, NGC 8, CAC 1. PCGS has graded 2 in PR 68 CA (one sold for $35,000.00 in 2007)! This particular coin last sold in 2012 for $7,188.00. We assure you, this is NOT a common or even close to common date! If your building a GEM set and want real contrast, this coin is a must see!

Item - 11236
25C 1900O PCGS MS67+
$ 22500.00
Hard to believe this coin is actually the SECOND FINEST known. We had owned the MS68+ several years ago. Both coins are light years better then any others!

Absolute perfect surfaces adorn both sides. We examined this coin with a strong glass and found ZERO impairments of any kind, anywhere. The surfaces are also satiny and smooth. A strong luster enhances the pretty and totally original colors of golden brown/olive/pale blue that swirl all. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. As we mentioned, only the PCGS MS68+ in finer-and we know where that is and it's not coming out any time soon. Whether you're an O Mint Collector, MS Barber Quarter Collector, or a collector who "puts away" great coins, this certainly is one to consider!

Item - 11218
25C 1901 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 6350.00
WOW! We really LOVE this SUPERB GEM! You can't ask for mirrors any deeper. This coin is the epitome of a back and white cameo POST 1900 Proof!

Amazing mirrors are borderline ULTRA deep. They also have stunning clarity, cleanliness, and of course intense reflectivity. The mirrors are also well entrenched with "liquid mercury/watery" look. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is totally jaw dropping!

ONLY 813 were minted. PCGS 8, NGC 18, CAC 12. The last auction record we found was for a PCGS CAC piece selling for $5,581.00 09/2014 Heritage. Prior to that one sold in Goldberg for $6,900.00 2012-these are not easy to find. The current Collectors Universe Value is $6,800.00. We cannot stress enough how scarce ANY post 1900 PR Cameo is in true GEM. We strongly believe a coin like this makes a great "put away" piece as well a starring piece for any GEM collection.

Item - 11402
25C 1906D PCGS MS66+
$ 6250.00
VERY HIGH END. Just one HIDDEN tick from MS67! Wish all MS Barbers looked this neat.

Super surfaces are slightly satiny. They are also clean and smooth. Only with a strong glass and some time looking can you find a small tick behind the eye. A strong luster greatly enhances a totally original mix of deep royal blue/magenta/ colors that partially cover the coin. The centers are a beautiful creamy white/pale gold. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

PCGS 6, NGC 1, CAC 4. This is the ONLY MS66+ graded by PCGS. The last PCGS CAC MS66 to sell in auction brought $5,175.00 back in 04/2012. In coin years, that's a long time ago! Even if you don't collect Barbers, this will make a great addition to ANY GEM Type set.

Item - 11245
25C 1908 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO
$ 4500.00
We do not know why those are so overlooked these days. You can't just go out and buy a sparkling GEM like this.

Deep mirrors beam from all over. They are crystal clear, have super cleanliness, and are intensely reflective. We can't stress enough how powerful reflective the mirrors are. Both sides are a mix of pale gold/pale violet splashes and silver. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

Only 545 were ever minted. PCGS 0, NGC 2, CAC 2. This is the ONLY PCGS PR66+ Cameo graded. This date in Cameo is so rare the last regular PR 66 CA (NO CAC) sold for $4,025.00 05/2010. Now that is rare! Your not going to see one of these in the next auction!


Quarters:Standing Liberty
Item - 11390
$ 38500.00
Our eye balls popped out and rolled around when this coin was offered to us. It was love at first, second, and every sighting!

The surfaces are super clean and semi satiny. Even when using a strong glass, you can detect only the lightest of hidden small ticks/lines. A booming radiant luster show off some light gold by the rims which open into bold white centers. Most important: Miss Liberty and the details are boldly struck. This not a typical 16 Standing 25C that you will look at think-okay, its says FH on the holder. This coin really struck up! The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 73, NGC 40, CAC 2. We paid $42,594.00 for the last one to sell at auction (which was a SUPER HIGH END piece and a touch nicer). The coin offered here has been off the market for several years. Even the pickiest buyer WILL be impressed!

Quarters:Standing Liberty
Item - 11125
$ 4875.00
No question this SUPERB GEM left the bank and was carefully stored for its 98 years of existence!

Absolutely pristine surfaces are spread all over. You can use a powerful glass and look for ever and find NO imperfections of ANY size, ANY where. A strong luster shows off light to moderate shades of golden brown/pale silver all over.There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and every singe detail is fully struck and standout. Every single rivet in the shield is visible to the naked eye. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 75, NGC 69, CAC 20. The current Collectors Universe Value is $4,750.00. Our records show the last one to sell in auction brought $5,287.00 08/2014. We bought this fresh to the market coin right and will pass the good deal on to you!


Quarters:Standing Liberty
Item - 11395
25C 1919 PCGS MS67FH
$ 9750.00
We always buy nice and high grade Standing Quarters. The design is one to be appreciated.

This coin is absolutely immaculate. You can use the strongest glass-or even a scope and you will NOT find ANY problems of ANY size, ANY where. A strong and somewhat booming luster beams from all over. Both sides are an original creamy white. This coin has NEVER been dipped or messed with. Most important, EVERY detail is sharply struck and does stand out. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 26, NGC 14, CAC 9. Don't let the pops fool you, finding a REAL MS67 FH like this is extremely difficult. The last one to sell in auction brought $9,400.00 04/2015. Prior to that, these were bringing $12-$14,000.00. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Quarters:Standing Liberty
Item - 11369
25C 1923 PCGS MS66+ FH
$ 10750.00
A real WOWZER of a Quarter! Save for a light frost break on the reverse, this coin ranks and impressive MS66.8++.

Sensational surfaces are satiny smooth and are clean. We even used a powerful glass and all we found was the small frost break on the reverse. A full glowing luster really makes the colors and strike stand out. Both sides have a moderate and totally original mix of reddish gold/green/baby blue/creamy white colors that all swirl vividly. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally well struck with all the rivets visible (that's hard to find). The eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 31, NGC 23, CAC 10. PCGS has graded only 3 in MS66+FH. While there are 6 MS67FH graded (selling for $19-$29,000.00 in he past 3 years NONE are CAC). You will be impressed by this beautiful SUPERB GEM coin!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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