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Featured Items :
Half Cents

Item - 10798

Item - 10884
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Inventory Listings:
Half Cents


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Half Cents
Item - 10884
1C-$1 1892 PCGS PR65-66
$ 18750.00
We believe Matched Original Proof Sets represent the last frontier of numismatics. Every coin in this set is problem free and has identical toning. This is truly a sight to behold.

1C PCGS PR65RB CAC (16538195) - Fabulous "Christmas" colors and strong mirrors. A few tiny color flecks are visible. The eye appeal Is gorgeous!

5C PCGS PR66 CAC (16538196) - Deep, glittering mirrors have a light layer of original toning. This coin is problem free.

10C PCGS PR65 CAC (16538197) - Moderate pale navy/gold/forest green colors cover the flashy mirrors. Every detail is razor sharp.

25C PCGS PR65 (16538198) - Identical toning and strong, reflective mirrors. All the details are sharply struck . This coin is NOT CAC. We have no idea what got into their minds when they were looking at this piece.

50C PCGS PR66 CAC (16538199) - A well matched, problem free coin with flashy mirrors.

$1 PCGS PR65 CAC (16538200) - High-end, bold reflectivity, and no problems of any kind. Miss Liberty and the details are all fully struck.

We can't stress enough the great value any matched original proof set offers!

We purchased this set from our December 2014 Regency Sale. It sold there for a mere $17,625.00. We thought there was no real set premium and we LOVE matched Original sets-so we bought it. We can't stress enough the potential this set offers.


Half Cents
Item - 10798
H.01 1794 PCGS MS65BN
$ 275000.00
One of the finest ever! This is an unquestionable MONSTER GEM Half Cent that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We are NOT over hyping this coins quality in any way-there is NO need too. If you do not believe us, see the coin! The High Relief Missouri/Newman coins were MS67RB and MS66 RB and both sold in the stratosphere. This piece is a MONSTER BN and is more fairly priced.

Flawless and remarkably clean surfaces are just spectacular to look at. Even with a strong glass you will find NO imperfections or even slight any pitting. You will see some neat die clashing and fully Mint made die markings. A strong gloss/luster does appear on the surfaces. The color is an even and totally ORIGINAL brown. Miss Liberty and the details are awesome in strike and do very much stand out. The eye appeal is jaw dropping amazing!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 2. NOTE: the Missouri PCGS MS65RB sold for a whopping $402,500.00 while a MS64+BN sold for $195,500.00. This coin does NOT have any recent auction showing nor does it have any pedigree we are aware of. It came to us right after the Missouri Sale. The quality is so high end we could not pass on it and had to stock it! We promise, this coin WILL be the highlight of any GEM Type or MS Half Cent Collection!

Half Cents
Item - 10745
H.01 1832 PCGS MS64BN
$ 1750.00
Magnificent quality and eye appeal!

You do not need a glass to see this coin was struck on a problem free planchet. The surfaces are remarkably clean. A full booming luster not only beams from all over, but you can clearly see light traces of semi prooflike mirrors. Both sides are an even moderate original chocolate color. Miss Liberty and the details are really sharp in strike and do stand out. The eye appeal is magnificent!

PCGS 44, NGC 28, CAC 10. The last PCGS CAC 1832 MS64 sold ages ago for $1,997.00 08/2012 Heritage. Can't say we remember seeing any recently!


Half Cents
Item - 10799
H.01 1853 PCGS MS65BN
$ 1275.00
Ultra High End for sure!

The only reason this coin is not in an MS66BN holder-there are a few microscopic TONING dots scattered around that can only be seen with a glass. Otherwise, this coin is remarkably clean and smooth. The surfaces are both glossy and lustrous. This coin definitely has NOT been brushed or messed with. Both sides are an even original chocolate brown color. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 38, NGC 113, CAC 17. Do not let the pops fool you. We could NOT find any record of ANY PCGS CAC piece selling in auction. THIS COIN IS BEING SOLD AT OUR BEST PRICE!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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