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Gold has had a rocky start to the year. However, the demand for better gold coins and today, even generic gold coins has sky rocketed. Collectors and investors apparently feel gold has hit a near bottom level. 

We can not locate hardly ANY PCGS MS66 W/M Saints at todays prices. And with items like $5 Lib in MS64 selling for around $800.00, those are long gone off the market. Pick your areas carefully, sure seems like the smart gold bug can make some money down the road! 

If you have any questions, please contact us. We've navigated the gold market since the late 1970's! 

CAC gold-especially better coins in GEM simply do NOT exist. We think the market has clearly proven it not only accepts CAC but that the premium prices for CAC coins are NOT any fad and are only growing larger. The demand is that real. Even if you believe you can do your own grading-a CAC beaned coin will assure you the coin has not been messed with-that is critical.

If you want to buy better gold but are not sure where to start: build a Type set.


Featured Items :

Item - 11417

Item - 11383

Item - 11442

Item - 11195
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Gold:Half Eagles:Early
Item - 11383
$2.5 1807 PCGS AU53
$ 21500.00
Hey, lookie what we found! A really nice GEM AU Early Bust Gold piece. We certainly do not find unmolested original pieces like this much at all anymore.

There are only a few light lines and a tiny planchet divot to be seen on the surface with a glass. There are also a few light adjustment marks too. Otherwise, the surfaces appear smooth and clean. A light luster shows off beautiful deeper reddish gold that mixes with pale orange gold all over. There are no spots or stains. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The wear is not abrasive and is even. The eye appeal is fantastic!

ONLY 6812 were minted. PCGS 11, NGC 7, CAC 3. The last PCGS piece to sell in auction was back in 2011 and it was a NON CAC. In fact NO CAC pieces have sold at auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $21,500.00. Your certainly not going to have many opportunities to buy pieces like this!

Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 11291
$3 1867 PCGS MS63
$ 15750.00
This coin is clearly a borderline MS64! PCGS was tough on it.

Superior surfaces are clean and sleek. You can see die polishing lines (Mint made and do NOT detract) all over. There clearly are traces of semi-prooflike mirrors. A full booming luster shows off the moderate original gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fantastic!

ONLY 2600 were ever minted. PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 1. PCGS has graded only 5 coins higher (including a MONSTER MS68)! According to our records, until this coin surfaced, NO PCGS MS63's had been sold at auction since 2010 (and that was a NON CAC piece which brought $11,500.00). We strongly feel ALL pricing guides are totally out of whack on the rarer $3 pieces like this. The reason is simple: they make so few appearances. This coin will be a tremendous addition to any choice set of $3!

Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 11417
$3 1872 PCGS MS64
$ 39500.00
If you don't know your coins very well or have weak eyes, you would easily mistake this piece for a Proof at first glance.The quality is HIGH END!

Bold mirrors are really deep and beam from all over. They also have amazing clarity. You can see a few trivial ticks spread around (mostly due to the intensity of the mirrors). The mirrors have a semi "liquid" look when you twirl them. Both sides are an original deep yellow gold. There are NO spots or discolorations. There is full contrast between the devices and mirrors. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

ONLY 2000 were struck. PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only 1 higher (not CAC'd). The last time one of these sold in auction was back in 2011 (prior to that NO PCGS coin had ever sold in auction). That coin realized $32,200.00. We have not seen any other MS64 in years. Opportunity knocks loud here!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 06619075

Gold:Half Eagles:Classic
Item - 11382
$5 1838 PCGS AU58
$ 4875.00
You can be assured we're not going to buy a coin like this unless its at the very top of its grade! There are so many marginal and ugly pieces around we just haven't found a nice one until now. The wait was more then worthy!

Above average surfaces reveal just a few light and scattered ticks and frost breaks. Even using a strong glass there is nothing harsh to find. There actually is a strong luster. The color is a rich original yellow gold. There are NO spots or stains. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The wear is very light. The eye appeal is exceptional!

PCGS 31, NGC 130, CAC 16. The last one to sell in auction brought $4,406.00 2013! take our word on it-you will NOT see these offered with any frequency.


Gold:Half Eagles:Liberty
Item - 11442
$5 1886 PCGS PR65 CAMEO
$ 52500.00
What a marvelous flashy GEM. This piece has the kind of blast you could stare at all day!

Only one small old cut in the left field keeps this coin from a PR66 Cameo. We think the cut was mint made and is NOT a later defect. As expected, the surfaces are deeply mirrored (to us the coin is a borderline Ultra Cameo). The mirrors are crystal clear, super clean (save for the small scratch), and have bold reflectivity. When you twirl the coin the mirrors do look like "black gold". Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and boldly stand out. The eye appeal is stunning!

ONLY 72 pieces were minted. PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only 1 coin higher (locked up in the Simpson Collection). NO PCGS piece has ever sold at auction. The current Collectors Universe Value is $52,000.00. We can't stress enough the opportunity this coin offers. When its sold, chances are your not going to find the other for an extremely long time!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 25665983

Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 11439
$5 1910 PCGS MS65+
$ 23500.00
When is the last time you remember seeing any NON 1908 or 1909 in GEM? We can't say we have seen many of those either in the past few years. This piece is like "night and day" quality when compared to anything else you'll see..

Only a few very tiny and widely scattered ticks are all that keep this coin from a MS66 designation. An impressive bright luster beams from all over. Both sides are a fabulous fresh original gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Every detail si sharply struck and has delicate frost. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 23, NGC 33, CAC 7. PCGS has graded only 3 in MS65+ with NONE higher. One of the MS65+ is in the Simpson Collection. There is no auction record for any MS65+ selling. In the recent ANA Auction, an NGC CAC MS65 sold for $17,625.00. The current Collectors Universe Value is $50,000.00. We can tell you this, $5 Indians IN GEM (including commoner 08+09's) are RARE. Good luck finding any-let alone a sweet looking MS65+ like this!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 2566630

Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 11195
$5 1913S PCGS MS64
$ 42500.00
Any one who tries to complete a $5 Indian set in MS64 and higher-is our hero! These coins are impossible to find nice. When we saw this coin, our checkbook was out within seconds. It is extremely HIGH END!

First, this coin looks like a 13P, more so then a 13S. The surfaces are smooth and are remarkably clean. In fact its very unusual for the reverse to be so clean. A decent luster helps show off the totally original deeper gold colors. Even with a strong glass, there are no spots. There actually is an even deeper ring of color framing the rims. All of the details are sharply struck and do have light frost. The eye appeal is excellent!

PCGS 16, NGC 9, CAC 5. VERY critical pops: PCGS has graded only ONE in MS65 and ONE in MS 66 and that's it. We suspect the pop of 16 is inflated. Prior to this coin selling, a PCGS NON CAC sold for $35,250.00 08/2013 Stacks, then you have to go back to 2012 to find one that sold. These are NOT any where as common as the pops may seem. We can't stress enough that if you are building a choice/GEM set of $5 Indians, not only does this coin belong, but its one heck of an opportunity!

Gold:Double Eagles:Liberty
Item - 11398
$10 1897 PCGS MS65
$ 8750.00
Having handled the all time finest $10 Liberty Set, we have had the chance to see how each date should come. It is a myth that dates in the 90's always come nice. This piece is far superior to most 1897's we have seen!

Only a few scattered super light ticks can be seen. There are NO major imperfections. We do NOT consider this coin anything less then high end quality. The surfaces not only are boldly lustrous, but have slight hints of semi-prooflike mirrors. The color is an original orange gold. There are NO spots. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is excellent!

PCGS 9, NGC 21, CAC 3. Here is a shocking stat: we could not find ANY record of a PCGS CAC piece ever selling at auction. The current Collectors Value is $9,000.00. Now is certainly a good time as any to be buying gold.

Item - 11127
$10 1912 PCGS MS65+
$ 17500.00
We easily rank this coin as a "headlight" and classify it as being VERY high end as well!

You can easily see this coin full booming luster from across the room. When you inspect the surfaces are delighted to see only a few tiny and widely scattered hidden ticks. Its a myth that $10 Indians come clean. Both sides are an original beaming deep yellow gold with a splash of pale pink. There are NO spots. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 30, NGC 58, CAC 15. This is the only MS65+ graded. PCGS actually has graded 10 in MS66-and if you found a PCGS CAC piece it would cost you close to $30,000.00! The last PCGS MS65 CAC to sell in auction brought $15,275.00.

Item - 11419
$10 1913 PCGS MS65+
$ 14500.00
We can count on our fingers (really just part of one hand) how many GEM MS 65 better $10 Indians we saw at the ANA Show that were PCGS CAC graded. GEM better $10 Indians that are nice like this are IMPOSSIBLE to find!

First, this is not a hacked up coin like you typically see. Overall, the surfaces are extremely clean and smooth.Only a few microscopic ticks can be found using a strong glass. A good luster enhances the light tow tone deep yellow gold/pale orange gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have light frost. The eye appeal is really nice!
PCGS 58, NGC 86, CAC 19. PCGS has graded 5 pieces MS65+. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $12,925.00 02/2014. We had to pay slightly more to secure this GEM.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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