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Due to unusual opportunities in the marketplace plus demand for an easy way to buy, we have created two ways to collect and "put away" high quality coins in today's complex market.  

Many people have been recently telling us they want to buy a group of coins, but do not know what to do or which ones they should buy.  We've created two easy ways to help you. Each plan is devised, personally tailored, and administered by the principals of Legend Numismatics who each have 40+ years experience and have built more of the FINEST major Collections ever than any current dealer who is in business. The principals also attend every major show and they rank among the biggest buyers at the major auctions. Legend knows it markets and coins!  

The coins selected for inclusion in these plans will meet Legend's strict quality and eye appeal standards. Pricing is predicated on the price we have paid for each coin plus a small mark up. We'll be seeking out only the VERY BEST deals available. Coins may come from our inventory or you may have "first shot" on NEWPS. You will be buying the coins at a TRUE WHOLESALE price-not someone's advertised crazy retail numbers. One last benefit: Legend Rare Coin Auctions will agree to auction any coin from these plans (so long as they are in their original holder) for an unbeatable % (its so low we can't publish it). ALL COINS ARE CAC'd of course. 

Even though these Plans are designed to take advantage of what we see as some possibly short term benefits; however we MUST point out coins are along term proposition and NOTHING is guaranteed.  If you are a novice, you won't find any better way to buy! 

  • PLAN 1
  • $10,000.00-$25,000.00  
    In this group we will limit the value of coins to approximately $4,000.00. You'd be amazed what you can buy for under $4,000.00 these days! 

  • PLAN 2
  • $25,000.00-and up in increments of $25,000.00.
    NO LIMIT.  You can specify all gold or no gold if you wish.
    This plan is for someone who wants to buy bigger ticket coins now and knows the importance of having access to really great coins.  We do all the leg work.  You can set a maximum value per coin to include. We can even get you started on a full collection! 

Note: With ALL Plans we create, only "common sense" coins  with the most potential will be selected. 

This is NOT an approval service.  We will only construct a plan after payment is received. All purchases will be broken down individually and each coin WILL have a full 5 day return period. Legend will also keep a record of your purchases so that if there is a spike in the market, we can inform you and make appropriate suggestions. 

If you want to buy some really cool coins at todays lower levels, we're here to help! Basically pick a lump sum and we'll do the rest! 

If you have any questions or wish to start, please contact : Laura Sperber

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