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Featured Items :
Two Cents

Item - 10521

Item - 10737
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Inventory Listings:
Two Cents


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Two Cents
Item - 10458
2C 1864 PCGS PR65RB
$ 3675.00
This is a fabulous piece! It is totally ORIGINAL and has many GEM qualities.

Deep, crystal clear, clean, and powerfully reflective mirrors beam from all over. There are a few microscopic toning dots hidden-but there are NO PVC or other problems. The color has some GEM Mint Red that mixes with totally ORIGINAL pale gold/green/brown colors. Every detail is frosty and is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is fabulous!

ONLY 100 were ever minted. PCGS 37, NGC 40, CAC 16. The last one to sell in major auction brought $3,672.00 02/2014 Heritage. These have always been very popular! This piece would make a great start or addition to ANY GEM set!


Two Cents
Item - 10521
$ 17500.00
When we first saw this coin we were stopped in our tracks. We've handled the PR67's. This coin had far superior eye appeal because of its real contrast.

The mirrors are not just super deep, they are endless. There are ZERO impairments of any size to be found anywhere. The mirrors are also crystal clear and have nearly blinding reflectivity. The color is a totally original SUPERB GEM MINT RED. Every detail is razor sharp and does exhibit strong frost. The eye appeal is tremendous!

ONLY 600 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 5, NGC 0, CAC 4. Hard to believe there are others with similar grades. Never have seen any. No PCGS CAC piece example has ever sold in auction. If this coin did, there would be record level bidding. If you seek only the very best, this coin is for you!

Two Cents
Item - 10082
$ 15500.00
We can not imagine a finer PR 2C piece in RED! Its amazing to us how this coin has been so carefully stored since its minting 144 years ago!

This coin has world class incredible mirrors. They are super deep, have amazing clarity, are as clean as you will ever see, and have intense reflectivity. We can not stress enough what an amazing state of preservation this coin is in. We actually think this coin has some claims of being cameo'd. The color is a fiery totally ORIGINAL GEM RED. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike and does have strong frost. The eye appeal is tremendous and will make your jaw drop and lock!

PCGS 10, NGC 13, CAC 5. The last one of these to sell at auction brought $14,100.00 12/2013 Heritage. Warning: these are NOT so easy to find! Also, have no fear of this being a red coin or it turning.

Two Cents
Item - 10737
2C 1873 OPEN 3 PCGS PR66RB
$ 13750.00
We doubt you will EVER see a more PERFECT (and we mean perfect) 1873 OPEN 3 Proof!

Study this coin as hard and long as you can. You will be amazed how time after time you will have the same result: the surfaces are flawless! On both sides the mirrors are strong and offer good reflectivity. A mellow mix of totally ORIGINAL light brown/deep gold is evenly spread all over. There are NO spots or stains. No question this coin has never been messed with. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is excellent!

ONLY 500 pieces of this PR ONLY date were ever minted. It is unknown how many were Open 3's-but it is known the figure was not many. PCGS 8, NGC 12, CAC 5. Here is a startling fact about its great rarity: until this piece surfaced on the market, the last auction record for a PCGS PR66RB (not just a CAC coin) was from 2001! Even in 66RD one has not surfaced since 2010 (that coin sold for $35,000.00). So we are not too sure the pops are correct for this date (there may be duplicates). One thing is for sure, this is a great coin and it has extreme rarity! For Two Cent Proof Collectors this represents one heck or an opportunity.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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