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Featured Items :
Three Cent Silver

Item - 10327

Item - 10324

Item - 10314

Item - 10421
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Inventory Listings:
Three Cent Silver


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Three Cent Silver
Item - 10322
3CS 1858 PCGS PR66
$ 15500.00
We have owned or handled the FINEST PR 1858 3CS. We will assure you, this coin is not far off. We rarely see them with this kind of life!

Deep mirrors are clean, have great clarity, and are highly reflective. typical to the date, if you use a strong glass you will see light Mint made die polishing lines. The mirrors actually do look like a freshly made sheet of glass. Both sides have splashes of totally original olive/pale navy colors. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and does have light frost. The eye appeal is wonderful!

it is estimated that about 100 pieces were minted. PCGS 12, NGC 18, CAC 5. There are two higher-both are impounded in sets. Until now, NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. If you are building a SUPERB GEM Proof set, this belongs in your collection!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10316
3CS 1860 PCGS PR66
$ 9875.00

Deep, glittering, crystal clear, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. There is a very teenie planchet disturbance at 7:00 on the obverse-otherwise this coin would be a PR67! Both sides are evenly blanketed by a deeper but NOT dark or dull mix of totally ORIGINAL navy/aqua green/royal blue colors. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and do stand out. The eye appeal is fabulous!

Only 1000 were minted-but most were melted due to poor sale. PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 5 (this and another coin are at least 4 beans). PCGS has graded only one coin higher-a PR67+ (which we'd love to buy it). The other PR 66 is housed in the Little Silver Collection that we sold to a collector at the ANA Show. Or computer is showing no auction records for either PR66. The current Collectors Universe value is $10,000.00. The last PR65 sold for $6,613.00 02/2012 Heritage. This is NOT an easy to date to find in ANY state of GEM!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10327
$ 15500.00
We do not see high grade PR 3CS anymore original than this!

Both sides are deeply mirrored. It is clear that the reverse probably was laying on felt so it has a little thicker toning. You can easily see the mirrors are deep, clear, ultra clean, and have strong reflectivity. The obverse has a wonderful mix of totally original blue/green/pale gold colors. The reverse is more a blue/purple/olive combination. The details are pinpoint sharp in strike and have generous frost. You will love the coins great eye appeal!

ONLY 1000 pieces were minted-however most were melted due to poor sales at the Mint. PCGS 3, NGC 2, CAC 3. We can assure you that two out of the pop of 3 are impounded in major collections. There is NO auction record for ANY 1861 PR67 ever selling. An NGC PR67 NON CAC did sell for $16,100.00 02/2012 Heritage. The fact none have sold auction should be huge proof as to how rare these are!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10317
3CS 1862 PCGS PR66+
$ 6750.00
Having built the #1-4 Finest PR 3CS sets, we know how 3CS do and do NOT come. We can tell you that ALL GEM PR 1862's are VERY RARE! This coin is definitely tied for FINEST known with the coin in our #1 all time set (that's not coming out any time soon).

This piece is actually struck on a problem free planchet. The holder has more issues! The mirrors are deep, clear, clean, and do have strong reflectivity. They actually look like a freshly made sheet of ice. Both sides are evenly covered by a beautiful totally ORIGINAL mix of pale navy/gold/purple/blue colors. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has light frost. The quality and eye appeal are both jaw dropping!

ONLY 550 were ever minted. PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 2. The other coin brought $5,875.00 in auction 04/2013 Heritage. Its been 25+ years and millions of coins going thru PCGS. For there to be only 2 coins tied for FINEST (as non Cameo's) really says something about this coins rarity. We also think these are grossly UNDERvalued.

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10321
3CS 1863/2 PCGS PR65 CAMEO
$ 15750.00
We are pleased to own and offer this wonderful example of an exceedingly rare date. No question this coin is a full Cameoed GEM!

Deep, crystal clear, clean, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. Only with a really strong glass can you see a few light scattered lines. The mirrors do look like freshly made glass. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike and has thick frost. The contrast is bold. The eye appeal is fantastic!

ONLY 460 were possibly minted. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. It should be noted that the PR66 (pop 2) sold for $48,875.00 in 2011. We think this coin represents exceptional value!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10313
3CS 1867 PCGS MS64
$ 5500.00
HIGH END QUALITY. This piece clearly is MS.

Satiny surfaces look clean to the naked eye. With a glass you can see a few minor scattered lines. There are NO mirrors. An unusually strong unbroken luster shows off beautiful shades of deeper aqua blue/pale green/gold colors. All of the details are frosty and have extra sharp strikes. The eye appeal is tremendous!

Only 4000 were ever minted. PCGS 12, NGC 9, CAC 4. Do NOT be fooled by the pops, these are difficult coins to find. The last one to sell in auction brought $7,638.00 08/2012 heritage. We last handled one in 2013 that we PAID $7,500.00 for. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Three Cent Silver
Item - 10421
$ 35000.00
Until last month, this coin was in the #1 all time PR 3CS set. The new coin is a PR67+ Cameo.

PCGS showed this awesome piece no mercy. We do not see any reason why it was not graded a PR68. The mirrors are deep, clear, clean, and do have strong reflectivity. A phenomenal mix of totally original deep royal blue/purple/pale lime colors evenly blanket the obverse. The reverse has the blue/purple rim colors that open into creamy white/gold centers. Every detail is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is world class incredible!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. Only the 67+ CA, is finer. That coin is impounded in the Legend Collection. So this is the FINEST piece that will come to market for the next few years (it is unlikely the the Legend set will be sold). NO PR67's even have ever been in auction. This is a once in a life time chance for the serious PR 3CS lover to make acquire an extremely rare piece.

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10231
3CS 1870 PCGS MS65
$ 6250.00
You will not ever see a more clear Mint State example of an 1870 3CS then this piece. No question it is unmessed with and is a FULL GEM!

The surfaces are exceptionally clean and smooth. Only with a strong glass can you see clear die clashing (which proves the coin is MS). The luster is surprisingly strong. Both sides are a pretty soft white color. Every detail is sharply struck and does have frost. The eye appeal is wonderful!

PCGS 8, NGC 10, CAC 6. The last one to sell in a major auction brought $6,463.00 04/2014 Heritage. Our coin is fresh to the market!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10314
$ 18750.00
For a small coin, this piece has full size blast! WOW!

Ultra deep, crystal clear, super clean, and nearly blinding reflectivity beam from all areas of the mirrors. The mirrors look like a highly polished freshly made sheet of glass. Both sides are a crisp black and white (there is no toning). Every detail is needle sharp in strike and actually does stand out. The details are fully frosted too. You can't beat this coins stunning eye appeal!

PCGS 1, NGC 2, CAC 1. This is the ONLY GEM PR 3CS 1872 grade by PCGS. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Three Cent Silver
Item - 10324
3CS 1872 PCGS PR67+
$ 14950.00
Because 3CS are smaller, they tend to tone up better then most coins. Over the years we have seen some amazing displays from Mother Nature. The artistry she did on this stunner ranks up there with the best of the best and even the out of this world BEST!

Ultra deep, crystal clear, super clean mirrors have incredible reflectivity. They make the colors appeal high voltage neon like! Wild shades of totally ORIGINAL royal blue/gold/green/purple/violet swirl wildly all over and can light up a dark room. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and and does have thick frost. The eye appeal is insane!

950 were minted. PCGS 2, NGC 8, CAC 2. We assume you, in a major auction this IS the kind of coin that would sell for a run away price! Two years ago we paid $25,300.00 for the PR 68-which is now impounded in the ALL TIME FINEST (#1 PCGS Registry) Legend Collection. This coin also would make a MONSTER Type piece.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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