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Featured Items :
Three Cent Nickel

Item - 11197
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Inventory Listings:
Three Cent Nickel


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Three Cent Nickel
Item - 11197
3CN 1866 PCGS MS67
$ 11950.00
Rarely will you find any early 3CN so fresh and GEMMY looking as this piece!

A surprising and intense luster beams from all over. Even using a strong glass all you can find are some Mint made die clashes-NO problems. The surfaces do have a pale hint of gold but are mostly a creamy white. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have light frost. The eye appeal is actually tremendous!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 4 (we think this coin is 2x). The current Collectors Universe Value is $15,000.00. Save for this coin, we have seen no others on the market in the past year or two. Opportunity knocks loud if you collect MS 3CN or buy better coins!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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