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Item - 10602

Item - 10592

Item - 10557

Item - 10279
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Item - 10384
$ 110000.00
Most important: this is the real deal of a Proof! This pieces is fully mirrored on both sides. We also can not find much reason as to why it is not a PR65! Plus, this coin is just a great classic rarity!

Impeccable surfaces are covered by smooth and crisp mirrors. The depth, clarity, and flash of them are all bold. A very stable and pretty totally original mix of olive/purple/blue/green/deep silver colors swirl all over on both sides. As you expect on a Proof, the details are microscopic needle sharp and stand out. There is a small thin impression of the face-that apparently was made when the coin was minted. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

The mintage s estimated at a mere 10 coins! Thats rarer then a 94S 10C or even a 1804 $1! PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. There is one PCGS PR66 (which we have seen-and has questionable color). This coin last sold back in 08/2012 for $88,125.00. it is our strong opinion, this coin offered here should be worth $125-$150,000.00 minimum. Think about it, we just sold an 81S $1 MS68+ in our auction for $44,000.00 and some modern PR70 widget of something sold last year for $85,000.00. Shouldn't a an amazing rare piece like this be worth far more? We assure you, there won't be many-if any similar coins ever offered for sale!

Item - 10592
$ 37500.00
WOW! Take a good hard look at this magnificent GEM. We doubt you will see many more ever offered-and if so, we doubt they will be as top notch as this coin!

Awesome surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. Even using a strong glass there are no problems of any size any where to be found. A strong luster beams from all over. Superb original colors of gold/pale purple/pale violet/creamy white are splashed around. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 3, NGC 5, CAC 2. Prior to this coin selling in the Gardner Sale in June, no other 1838 25C in GEM have sold since 2004! PCGS has graded 3 in MS66-but NONE have ever sold at auction. We can't stress enough the extreme rarity of this date in MS65 and higher.

Item - 10279
25C 1853 PCGS MS67
$ 47500.00
This coin looks more like a commoner 1857 in high grade then any other 1853 we have ever seen! It has it all, great colors, super quality, and its 161 years old!

We studied this coin really hard for a long time. The surfaces are basically FLAWLESS and have a light satiny texture. A surprising full booming luster beams from all over and really makes the colors stand out. Both sides are evenly covered by a vibrant and totally original mix of golden brown/reddish gold/blue/pale green/pale violet colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 3. We're not sure there is another PCGS piece in MS67. Until this coin was auctioned-NO PCGS piece has ever been sold that way. One thing for sure, your not going to see many-if any PRE 1860 SUPERB GEM Seated Quarters ever offered! Opportunity knocks loud for anyone building a monster MS Seated Quarter set or a GEM Type set!

Item - 10602
25C 1860O PCGS MS66
$ 24500.00
Legend Numismatics is pleased to own and offer the single FINEST 1860O 25C graded. Keep in mind, that's after 26+ years of operations and millions of coins seen by both PCGS and NGC!

Overall, the surfaces are clean and have a satiny smooth texture. On the reverse there is what appears to be off color cuts-its just some irregular toning. A strong luster (for a 60O) also shows off wonderful and totally original colors of soft pewter/green/blue/gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. The ONLY time this darling piece has ever sold in auction was when we purchased it from the Gardner Sale in 10/2014 Heritage for a ridiculously cheap $20,562.00. We had fully expected to pay $25,000.00+ for this great coin. Even in MS65, its only a pop 2 coin.

Item - 10625
$ 28500.00
PCGS was in a bad mood the day we tried to cross this special coin. It was in an NGC MS68 holder. CAC GOLD beaned it-they agree it should have crossed. This piece is the FINEST known for the date.

Flawless surfaces don't even offer any microscopic marks or lines. You have a good mix of semi-prooflike mirrors and strong luster. An "old time" mix of olive/green/champagne/pale orange colors all swirl around evenly. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This was the NGC MS68 which sold in Gardner for $23,500.00 10/2014 Heritage (we will include the MS68 NGC insert). In either the current holder of the MS68, the coin sold way too cheap. We can't see why it's not a $50-$60,000.00 coin.

Item - 10678
25C 1899 PCGS PR67
$ 4450.00
We grade this super fresh and VERY high end GEM a 67.8+! The mirrors are incredible.

We think only one teenie INVISIBLE contact mark keep s this coin from grading PR68. It is also a borderline Cameo. Superior mirrors are ultra deep, have remarkable clarity, are super clean, and have intense reflectivity. You can see this coin s flash from across the room. The mirrors looks like a freshly formed sheet of ice. A heart pounding band of violet/gold/blue/pale purple colors frame the peripheries only. Miss Liberty and the details are boldly frosted and have razor sharp strikes. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

Only 846 were ever minted. PCGS 5, NGC 22, CAC 2. The last PCGS CAC PR67 1899 to sell in auction brought $4,700.00 way back in 08/2012 Heritage. Yes, this is a rarer date in GEM Proof! Don't pass this great coin -especially at today's lower prices!


Item - 10557
25C 1901 PCGS MS67
$ 16500.00
this beauty is so high end, even we resubmitted it for a 67+. As you can see, nada.

The surfaces are immaculate and have a thick satiny texture. A strong luster shows off a wonderful blend of original blue/lime/gold/russet/gold/golden brown "sunset fall" like colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have extra sharp strikes. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the coin from the Gardner sale that bought $15,275.00 last June. Our customer has since changed direction. Rarely do second chances occur on great coins like this!

Item - 10371
25C 1901 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 6750.00
WOW! We really LOVE this SUPERB GEM! You can't ask for mirrors any deeper. This coin is the epitome of a back and white cameo POST 1900 Proof!

Amazing mirrors are borderline ULTRA deep. They also have stunning clarity, cleanliness, and of course intense reflectivity. The mirrors are also well entrenched with that "liquid mercury/watery" look. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is totally jaw dropping!

ONLY 813 were minted. PCGS 8, NGC 18, CAC 12. The last auction record we found was for a PCGS CAC piece selling for $6,900.00 05/2012 Goldberg. We can not stress enough how scarce ANY post 1900 PR Cameo is in true GEM. We strongly believe a coin like this makes a great "put away" piece as well a starring piece for any GEM collection.

Item - 10519
25C 1901S PCGS MS67+
$ 278500.00
This monster coin is ex Gardner. Here is what Gene had written about it: "A mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors covers the surfaces of this coin. More than having just casual eye appeal, this coin commands the eye's attention. I can lose myself in it for long stretches of time. So beautiful it is almost impossible to look away. Great rarity, great strike, great luster, and magnificent colors. This coin has it all."

All we can add is that coin is a complete WOW! It is of the ultimate quality and eye appeal! You can look hard and long and never find ANY imperfections. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have fully struck features.

If you buy the very best, then is the 01S 25C you MUST have!

This great piece brought $258,000.00 in the Gardner sale in June (our customer has since had a change of direction in his collection). The current Collectors Universe value is $275,000.00. Opportunity knocks as loud as humanly possible here!

Item - 10683
25C 1904O PCGS MS67+
$ 49500.00
Besides being extremely rare in the higher grades, this coin ranks as one of the all time FINEST and toned MS Barbers in existence!

Flawless surfaces are velvety smooth all over. All you can find with a strong glass are some light die polishing lines (probably what kept this coin from an MS68). phenomenal iridescent and totally original colors of green/blue/violet/lime form a wild circular pattern and open into creamy white centers. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have light frost. The eye appeal is monumental!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. Of course this is the FINEST 04O. If you are building an O Mint, Type, or high grade Barber 25C set-this coin is a MUST have. Right now is also the BEST time to buy a once in a lifetime coin like this. Got junk or dupes-trade them in. The long term potential of this coin is staggering.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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