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Item - 10883
$ 179500.00
Ever since we laid eyes on the stunning GEM it has been on our minds. You just can't forget a coin that has it all-ULTRA HIGH END quality, originality, WILD color, and of course a famous pedigree!

To start, it is critical to know that is NOT one of the dipped and retoned coins. The surfaces are clean and have a satiny smooth texture. Only with a strong glass can you see a few lines/light imperfections. A vivid band of original blue/green/champagne colors frame the peripheries only. The centers are a creamy white. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is unforgettable and incredible.

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. PCGS has graded 2 in MS66. It bought $152,750.00 in the first Gardner sale in 011/2013 as an MS65. Then it reappeared in the 07/2014 Heritage sale where our customer bought it for $176,250.00. The current Collectors Universe Value is $175,000.00. We fully agree this coin is worth every cent of that. Our customer has stopped building his Type set and has moved on to another area of interest. Opportunity can't knock any louder here!

Item - 10809
25C 1837 PCGS MS64
$ 9950.00
This was love at first sight for us! We know how this date does NOT come-NICE! We never see them looking this good.

Outstanding surfaces have few issues. Only with a strong glass can you find a teenie tick or two. A surprisingly strong luster shows off smooth semi satiny surfaces. The colors are totally original and consist of pale purple/very pale navy/champagne which are all evenly spread around. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is like the quality-outstanding!

PCGS 22, NGC 26, CAC 6. We were shocked to see NO PCGS CAC MS64's have ever sold at auction. A PCGS NO CAC did bring $9,400.00 06/2014 Heritage. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Item - 10592
$ 37500.00
WOW! Take a good hard look at this magnificent GEM. We doubt you will see many more ever offered-and if so, we doubt they will be as top notch as this coin!

Awesome surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. Even using a strong glass there are no problems of any size any where to be found. A strong luster beams from all over. Superb original colors of gold/pale purple/pale violet/creamy white are splashed around. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick frost. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 3, NGC 5, CAC 2. Prior to this coin selling in the Gardner Sale in June, no other 1838 25C in GEM have sold since 2004! PCGS has graded 3 in MS66-but NONE have ever sold at auction. We can't stress enough the extreme rarity of this date in MS65 and higher.

Item - 10880
$ 19500.00
Seated Quarter collectors rejoice! This coin is not only the "real deal" but is it VERY high end. In the pre certification days, this coin easily would have been called GEM MS65.

We assure you the quality of this coin is all there and then some. The surfaces are super clean and have a bold satiny texture. Even with a strong glass all you will find is ONE teenie tick. A surprisingly strong luster (for a 40O) glows from all over. The color are a mix of totally ORIGINAL dove gray/golden brown/champagne. This is NOT a dull coin. It also has NEVER been dipped or was messed with. Miss Liberty and the details are remarkably struck and stand out. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 1. PCGS has only graded 2 higher-a PCGS MS65 and the MONSTER Newman MS67. This coin is NOT the PCGS NON CAC that sold in 1/2014 Heritage. THAT SOLD FOR $14,100.00 (this coin is far superior). The ONLY reason we can think of as to why PCGS did not grade it 65-they might want a touch more luster (which will never happen).

If you are very picky and collect Seated Quarters, we assure you, this coin WILL bring a smile to your face!

Item - 10602
25C 1860O PCGS MS66
$ 24500.00
Legend Numismatics is pleased to own and offer the single FINEST 1860O 25C graded. Keep in mind, that's after 26+ years of operations and millions of coins seen by both PCGS and NGC!

Overall, the surfaces are clean and have a satiny smooth texture. On the reverse there is what appears to be off color cuts-its just some irregular toning. A strong luster (for a 60O) also shows off wonderful and totally original colors of soft pewter/green/blue/gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. The ONLY time this darling piece has ever sold in auction was when we purchased it from the Gardner Sale in 10/2014 Heritage for a ridiculously cheap $20,562.00. We had fully expected to pay $25,000.00+ for this great coin. Even in MS65, its only a pop 2 coin.

Item - 10821
25C 1869 PCGS PR66
$ 6950.00
This piece is VERY HIGH END. Even we resubmitted it seeking a PR66+. Obviously PCGS wants much more.

Strong mirrors are crystal clear, clean, and have bold reflectivity. They look like a freshly made sheet of ice. Only with a strong glass can you detect a few wispy lines. Both sides are bathed in sultry original mix of many/blue/violet/olive/rose/gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is charming and colorful!

ONLY 600 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 5, NGC 10, CAC 10 (we know this pop is inflated). The last one of these to sell in auction was TWO years ago basically. It brought $6,463.00 06/2013 Heritage. Not a date or grade that's as available as the pops make it seem. Any collection will be enhanced by having this colorful GEM!

Item - 10848
25C 1871 PCGS PR65 CAMEO
$ 3250.00
Awesome! If you seek really deep mirrors then this is your kind of coin.

Virtually "ultra" deep mirrors have that 'liquid mercury" like rolling look when twirled. The clarity and reflectivity and incredible. only with a strong glass can you find a stray line or two. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have needle sharp strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

Just 960 were minted. PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 1. PCGS has graded only 6 coins higher. Here is really shocking proof of this coins extreme rarity: the last record for an 1871 PCGS PR65 CA selling 09/2002 Goldberg. Back then that coin brought $3,335.00. An NGC PR66 CA (NO CAC) sold in 2011 for $2,185.00. Good luck finding another-especially one looking like this!


Item - 10757
25C 1893 PCGS PR68 CAMEO
$ 18500.00
WOW! Perfection at its finest!

This coin is a moose. You spend hours searching its glass like mirrors and find virtually NO imperfections. The mirrors are super deep, have awesome clarity, and are highly reflective. They look like a freshly made sheet of glass. A heart warming mix of totally original pale cobalt blue/green/gold/champagne frame the peripheries. The centers are a creamy white/gold. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have generous thick frost. The eye appeal is great!

ONLY 792 were minted. PCGS 5, NGC 8, CAC 5. If you are building a top notch PR Barber 25C, this is a coin you do not want to miss! Opportunity knocks loud here.

Item - 10716
25C 1898O PCGS MS68
$ 75000.00
UNBELIEVABLE! We can state without any hesitation that the ONLY other MS Barber Quarter that is remotely close to this quality wise is an amazing 1900O PCGS MS68 CAC. That piece does lack wild color though.

This coin has nearly blinding luster. You can see the flash intensity from yards away. The luster shows off the satiny and flawless surfaces. Even using a microscope you can't find ANY imperfection of ANY size (do note there is a thin die line on the trunk of the neck). The colors are a jaw dropping mix of original neon like royal blue which open into tangerine/burnt orange/violet centers. Miss Liberty and the details are are fully struck. The eye appeal is mind boggling unforgettable!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. You can look a life time and only ever find the 1900 O (which is impounded in a major auction) that's even remotely similar. If you are building the worlds finest Type or MS Barber Set, this coin is a must. Plus, we strongly believe this coin being priced BELOW $100,000.00 is a tremendous value. Now this is a Legend quality coin!

Item - 10874
25C 1901 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 6750.00
WOW! We really LOVE this SUPERB GEM! You can't ask for mirrors any deeper. This coin is the epitome of a back and white cameo POST 1900 Proof!

Amazing mirrors are borderline ULTRA deep. They also have stunning clarity, cleanliness, and of course intense reflectivity. The mirrors are also well entrenched with that "liquid mercury/watery" look. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is totally jaw dropping!

ONLY 813 were minted. PCGS 8, NGC 18, CAC 12. The last auction record we found was for a PCGS CAC piece selling for $5,581.00 09/2014 Heritage. Prior to that one sold in Goldberg for $6,900.00 2012-these are not easy to find. The current Collectors Universe Value is $6,800.00. We can not stress enough how scarce ANY post 1900 PR Cameo is in true GEM. We strongly believe a coin like this makes a great "put away" piece as well a starring piece for any GEM collection.


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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