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Gold has had a rocky start to the year. However, the demand for better gold coins and today, even generic gold coins has sky rocketed. Collectors and investors apparently feel gold has hit a near bottom level. 

We can not locate hardly ANY PCGS MS66 W/M Saints at todays prices. And with items like $5 Lib in MS64 selling for around $800.00, those are long gone off the market. Pick your areas carefully, sure seems like the smart gold bug can make some money down the road! 

If you have any questions, please contact us. We've navigated the gold market since the late 1970's! 

CAC gold-especially better coins in GEM simply do NOT exist. We think the market has clearly proven it not only accepts CAC but that the premium prices for CAC coins are NOT any fad and are only growing larger. The demand is that real. Even if you believe you can do your own grading-a CAC beaned coin will assure you the coin has not been messed with-that is critical.

If you want to buy better gold but are not sure where to start: build a Type set.


Featured Items :

Item - 10805

Item - 10908

Item - 10891

Item - 10207
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Gold:Double Eagles:Saint-Gaudens
Item - 10489
$20 1922 PCGS MS65
$ 8350.00
This coin is not just high end-we fully assure you, it is SUPER HIGH END!! PCGS and CAC can not be any tougher!

Outstanding surfaces are incredibly clean and smooth. We used a powerful glass and looked long and hard all over-and found nothing. A thick luster highlights the superb original deep gold colors. There are NO spots or stains. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 1324, NGC 502, CAC 23. PCGS has graded only 8 coins higher. There is a reason why only 23 pieces have been beaned by CAC. Always remember, quality and eye appeal are everything!

Gold:Double Eagles:Saint-Gaudens
Item - 10462
$20 1920 PCGS MS64+
A REAL MS64.9+!
$ 12500.00
Very frustrating, if this were a 1924 or 1927-it would be graded MS65. Compared to the lone MS65-this coin is equal, maybe even better (we have turned down buying the MS65 3x). This example is as close to a 1920 MS65 as you will ever see.

Only a small cut and tick are what keep this coin from being worth $100,000.00+ You need a glass to see them-which are hidden under the right arm. Overall, the surfaces are exceptionally clean and are smooth. An intense luster showoff even deeper gold colors. There are few light copper stains-which prove the originality of this coin. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are well struck. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 833, NGC 409, CAC 60. PCGS has graded only 29 coins in MS64+ (we know one coin that has been in 4-5X). We bought this coin from a "crackout" dealer who tried it a few times for MS65. We do not blame him. The last PCGS CAC MS64+ sold for $9,900.00 12/13 Heritage. We paid much more for this coin-because of the quality! Until another or better MS65 is made (we need 2 MS65s), this coin ranks as the BEST you can buy!

Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 10207
$5 1910S PCGS MS64
$ 45000.00
Very choice. Impossible to find (even the $1 Simpson set has only an MS63+-he now wants a 65+)! Sadly, too many of these have been messed with or are just low end for the grade. To find a near full GEM like this is extremely rare.

Superb surfaces are extremely clean and semi-satiny. Only with a strong glass can you find a teenie tick or two. A moderate luster shows off gorgeous and totally ORIGINAL colors of deep gold/pale orange gold/pinkish gold. There are NO spots or discolorations on the high points. The Indian and all of the details are lightly frosted and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 20, NGC 19, CAC 7. PCGS has graded 5 coins higher-while CAC has NONE! The last one to sell in major auction brought $48,875.00 01/2012 heritage. No MS65's have been around since 2005! We can not stress enough the great rarity of this date and ALL the $5 S Mints in MS64 and higher!

Item - 10374
G $1 1877 PCGS MS68
$ 24000.00
Save for some minor roughness on the planchet, this wonder coin pretty much is "as minted". it is still housed in its green tag holder.

Boldly prooflike surfaces are also exploding with a mega watt booming luster. You can see some light striations and minor planchet roughness-but NO post Mint imperfections. The color is a totally original electric yellow with faint hints of reddish gold. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have remarkable needle sharp strikes. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

ONLY 3900 were ever minted. PCGS 3, NGC 8, CAC 4. Prior to this coin appearing, the last time a 1877 PCGS MS68 was sold at auction-was back in 2005! by NO stretch is this anything but a VERY rare date!

This will be a great coin in any GEM Type or G $1 set!

Gold:Double Eagles:Saint-Gaudens
Item - 10490
$20 1911 PCGS MS65
$ 26500.00
Looks more like a satiny 23D then a 1911! The quality is solid as can be.

Both sides glow with a strong luster. All you can see are a very scattered and very light minor ticks and a line or two-using a strong glass. To the naked eye this coin does appear clean. The color is a totally ORIGINAL even gold. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is wonderful!

PCGS 39, NGC 44, CAC 12. You'd think a dozen beans would make a 65 easy to find-NOT! A PCGS NON CAC was the last 1911 GEM to sell prior to this coin. It realized $24,740.00 9/2013 Bohnams. This coin will be a great acquisition for any serious Saint collector!

Gold:Quarter Eagles:Indian
Item - 10559
$2.5 1927 PCGS MS65
$ 2800.00
To some these might be widget gold, to others they are still beautiful rare coins.

Save for a single reeding mark in the left field, overall the surfaces are clean and smooth. A moderate luster shows off gorgeous and totally original deep gold/yellow gold colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. All of the details are frosty and are very well struck. The eye appeal is fabulous!

The current WHOLESALE sightUNSEEN BID for a PCGS MS65 CAC is $2,500.00. We have not heard of many selling at that price. This is the cheapest we have ever been able to sell one at.


Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 10574
$ 5500.00
Saw this coin and could not get it out of our mind!

Fully prooflike mirrors mix with a booming luster and beam from all over. Only a few tiny ticks and giggles can be seen because of the flash. There is a band of original reddish gold that frames the peripheries and opens into bright centers. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have good strikes. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS does NOT designate PL. NGC has graded only 2 coins 63PL. between the price of gold dropping, the cool PL designation, and the Newman pedigree, this coin delivers strong value!


Gold:Double Eagles:Saint-Gaudens
Item - 10598
$20 1913S PCGS MS64+
$ 13750.00
HIGH END. This coin is a near miss MS65!

There is some very light and totally original toning that is spread evenly all over. If you look under the toning, you will be impressed with how overall clean the surfaces are. Only with a strong glass and lots of effort, can you detect a tick or two. to the naked eye the fields are clean and smooth. A moderate luster shows off the even deeper yellow gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have strong strikes. The eye appeal is excellent (especially for the date)!

PCGS 537, NGC 214, CAC 47. PCGS has graded only 16 coins MS64+. The last one to sell in auction brought $14,688.00 01/2013 Heritage. A 2 year absence says a lot for the coins rarity. Plus, a PCGS MS65 CAC piece would costs you at least $35,000.00-if you could even find one!

Item - 10599
$10 1913 PCGS MS65+
$ 13750.00
VERY HIGH END! We easily grade this coin a 65.9+!

Incredible surfaces are satiny smooth and have NO imperfections of any size, any where. Only with a really strong glass can you find a microscopic contact mark or two in the portrait. A strong luster shows off gorgeous and totally original two tone orange/deeper yellow gold colors. Every single detail is razor sharp in strike and have light frost. The eye appeal is spectacular!

PCGS 60, NGC 82, CAC 17. PCGS has graded only 4 coins MS65+. A PCGS CAC piece did sell in auction for $12,925.00 02/2014 Heritage. Now is definitely the time to buy hard to find pieces like this!

Gold:Double Eagles:Saint-Gaudens
Item - 10617
$20 1910D PCGS MS65
$ 3850.00
This coin jumped out at us while buried deep in long box of coins. Its all there and IS EXTREMELY HIGH END for sure!

The luster is intense and you are see it shine from across the street. Both sides offer surfaces that are surprisingly clean and are truly above average. There is one microscopic copper dot well hidden in a star at 8:00 on the obverse (if we did not tell you-you would not see it). Even with a strong glass all you will are a few super light ticks. A gorgeous light two tone totally original mix of pale orange/yellow gold colors are spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 984, NGC 442, CAC 64. The last coin to sell in auction brought $3,819.00 04/2014 Heritage. We assure you, if this coin were in auction, it would sell the same or even more!


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