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Gold has had a rocky start to the year. However, the demand for better gold coins and today, even generic gold coins has sky rocketed. Collectors and investors apparently feel gold has hit a near bottom level. 

We can not locate hardly ANY PCGS MS66 W/M Saints at todays prices. And with items like $5 Lib in MS64 selling for around $800.00, those are long gone off the market. Pick your areas carefully, sure seems like the smart gold bug can make some money down the road! 

If you have any questions, please contact us. We've navigated the gold market since the late 1970's! 

CAC gold-especially better coins in GEM simply do NOT exist. We think the market has clearly proven it not only accepts CAC but that the premium prices for CAC coins are NOT any fad and are only growing larger. The demand is that real. Even if you believe you can do your own grading-a CAC beaned coin will assure you the coin has not been messed with-that is critical.

If you want to buy better gold but are not sure where to start: build a Type set.


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Item - 11454

Item - 11439

Item - 11640

Item - 11590
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Item - 11719
G $1 1886 PCGS MS67
$ 11750.00
Everything about this coin is spectacular! And it is priced at NO real premium.

Bold prooflike surfaces are clean and smooth. They do offer strong flash that you can see from across the room. There are no problems. Both sides have a stunning mix of original deep gold with highlights of yellow gold. A few pinpoint toning copper dots are visible-they confirm the coins originality (its black or green spots you do not want). Miss Liberty and every detail is needle sharp in strike-including the recut 6 in the date. We were dazzled by this GEM from a table away. The eye appeal is that stunning!

ONLY 5000 were minted. PCGS 5, NGC 15, CAC 6. According to our records, the last one of these to sell in auction brought $14,100.00 08/2015. PRIOR to that, the last one to appear in auction brought $8,625.00 in 11/2006 (non CAC of course). This is a great gold rarity to just "put away" or sell/trade your dupes for.

Item - 11732
G $1 1889 PCGS MS67
$ 3650.00
Can't beat this coins marvelous qualities. It is a MS67 all day long-every day!

Super clean and smooth surfaces are joy to behold, Even when using a strong glass, there are NO impairments to be found. A full booming luster shows off the beautiful yellow gold colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have crisp stand out strikes. The eye appeal is super!

PCGS 215, NGC 180, CAC 66. The last 1889 G $1 MS67 to sell in auction was a PCGS MS67-NO CAC. That coin brought $3,525.00 01/2015 in a weaker sale. This piece will make a great start to any Type or G $1 set. We strongly think at today's prices, these are a buy!


Gold:Quarter Eagles:Liberty
Item - 11643
$2.5 1907 PCGS PR67+ CAMEO
$ 39500.00
If you are the worlds pickiest buyer, this coin will more then impress you. We've seen one or two PR68's not as nice!

Intense deep mirrors are borderline Deep Cameo type. They are amazingly clean, have tremendous full clarity, and are highly reflective all over. Even with a strong glass you will find NO imperfections. There are no discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have thick iridescent frost. The eye appeal is stunning!

ONLY 154 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 3, NGC 12, CAC 7. PCGS has graded only 2 pieces PR67+ CAMEO. The last piece to sell at auction was a PCGS NON CAC back in 11/2007! That piece brought $34,500.00. Keep in mind, going 8 years without an example selling in any auction-confirms this coins rarity and value!

Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 11628
$3 1870 PCGS AU 58
$ 3500.00
Three Dollar Gold has always been one of our favorite series. They have really low mintages, they can be found nice, and they kinda neat being obsolete. This particular coin is AU58++ which we call a SUPERB GEM AU!

Superb surfaces are fully prooflke.The reflectivity is quite strong. Unlike so many $3 we see, there are very few ticks/marks to be found. Both sides are a totally original deeper gold with highlights of reddish gold. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. There is only slight wear to be found with a strong glass. All of the devices are frosted. The eye appeal is great!

Just 3500 pieces were minted. PCGS 46, NGC 88, CAC 15. Surprisingly we cannot find any record of a PCGS CAC piece ever selling in auction. A NGC piece brought $3,055.00 in 11/2014. This date is not exactly easy to find as the pops may make you think!


Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 11507
$3 1872 PCGS AU58
$ 3550.00
This coin definitely has an "old time" look to it.

The surfaces do reveal some super light lines-but there are NO hits or scuffs. There are light semi-prooflike mirrors all over. The luster is decent and enhances the light "crusty" original gold color. This is not a "dirty" coin. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do have light frost. Any wear is VERY light. The eye appeal is acceptable.

ONLY 2000 were minted. PCGS 44, NGC 71, CAC 6. The last record we see of one of these selling in auction was from 01/2015 where the coin brought $3,290.00. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 11642
$3 1883 PCGS AU58
$ 3975.00
This coin is a VERY high end. We can't imagine an AU58 any nicer.

Bold semi-prooflike mirrors beam vividly from all over. They are exceptionally clean and clear. Both sides enjoy a rich original even gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. You need a very strong glass to find even the slightest wear. The eye appeal is fantastic!

ONLY 900 pieces were ever minted for circulation. PCGS 36, NGC 21, CAC 5. According to our records, the last PCGS AU 58 to sell-was back in 2010. That coin brought $4,312.00. Do NOT be fooled by the pops, marginal or messed with pieces do come around. But pristine PCGS/CAC coins-hard ever. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 11590
$5 1909O PCGS MS62
$ 63500.00
We are extra picky when we buy ANY $5 Indian. We assure you, this coin is not an AU58 in a MS62 holder. In fact, this coin is closer to a 63!

This is clearly a FRESH And ORIGINAL piece. Fresh means it's not a retread and is new to the market. Plus, there is NO question this coin is totally original and has never been messed with in any way. The surfaces are remarkably scuff and problem free. The texture is slightly satiny. Both sides enjoy a beautiful original even gold color. There is a light patch of toning on the left reverse. There are NO Spots. All of the details are sharply struck and are frosty. There is no wear or discolorations. The eye appeal is wonderful!

PCGS 29, NGC 28, CAC 8. PCGS has graded only 17 coins higher while CAC has only 4 coins (two of which we placed). The last PCGS MS 62 to sell in auction brought $58,750.00 06/2014 and was a NOT CAC. In MS63, a PCGS CAC piece sold for $105,750.00 11/2013. As you can see, this date in true choice condition is rare and is in demand. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 11439
$5 1910 PCGS MS65+
$ 23500.00
When is the last time you remember seeing any NON 1908 or 1909 in GEM? We can't say we have seen many of those either in the past few years. This piece is like "night and day" quality when compared to anything else you'll see..

Only a few very tiny and widely scattered ticks are all that keep this coin from a MS66 designation. An impressive bright luster beams from all over. Both sides are a fabulous fresh original gold color. There are no spots or discolorations. Every detail is sharply struck and has delicate frost. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 23, NGC 33, CAC 7. PCGS has graded only 3 in MS65+ with NONE higher. One of the MS65+ is in the Simpson Collection. There is no auction record for any MS65+ selling. In the recent ANA Auction, an NGC CAC MS65 sold for $17,625.00. The current Collectors Universe Value is $50,000.00. We can tell you this, $5 Indians IN GEM (including commoner 08+09's) are RARE. Good luck finding any-let alone a sweet looking MS65+ like this!

Gold:Half Eagles:Indian
Item - 11195
$5 1913S PCGS MS64
$ 42500.00
Any one who tries to complete a $5 Indian set in MS64 and higher-is our hero! These coins are impossible to find nice. When we saw this coin, our checkbook was out within seconds. It is extremely HIGH END!

First, this coin looks like a 13P, more so then a 13S. The surfaces are smooth and are remarkably clean. In fact its very unusual for the reverse to be so clean. A decent luster helps show off the totally original deeper gold colors. Even with a strong glass, there are no spots. There actually is an even deeper ring of color framing the rims. All of the details are sharply struck and do have light frost. The eye appeal is excellent!

PCGS 16, NGC 9, CAC 5. VERY critical pops: PCGS has graded only ONE in MS65 and ONE in MS 66 and that's it. We suspect the pop of 16 is inflated. Prior to this coin selling, a PCGS NON CAC sold for $35,250.00 08/2013 Stacks, then you have to go back to 2012 to find one that sold. These are NOT any where as common as the pops may seem. We can't stress enough that if you are building a choice/GEM set of $5 Indians, not only does this coin belong, but its one heck of an opportunity!

Item - 11454
$ 57500.00
No question this coin is a good old fashioned "MONSTER"! Your jaw will drop and lock when you see it!

Heart pounding impressive surfaces are a delight to see. You can look for hours and find ZERO impairments of any size, any where. A bold luster really makes the original fabulous colors mother nature picked for this coin bloom intensely. Even shades of deep yellow gold and orange gold swirl freely all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have razor sharp strikes. The eye appeal is jaw dropping stunning!

PCGS 3, NGC 0. CAC 1. The last 1906 PCGS MS67 to appear in auction was NINE years ago (09/06 Heritage). That coin brought $34,500.00-back then! We're going to claim this maybe the very finest 1906. It's well worthy of the price we are asking-the current Collectors Universe Value is $50,000.00! !


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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