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What has happened to the price of MS67 Morgans? THEY HAVE BECOME TOO STUPID CHEAP. We still believe that PROPERLY graded (CAC) pieces are worth at least $1,000.00. There are not as many PCGS/CAC MS67's around as you think. The prices WILL eventually get back to the $1,000.00 level. We sure can't buy many really nice ones around $800.00!
Where have all the REAL DMPL's gone was well? Even common dates are not so common at todays ridiculously low prices.

There are many great values in dollars today! 
We simply can't buy nice pieces. We have NOT given up on the dollar market!

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Item - 11158

Item - 11268

Item - 11001

Item - 11308
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Item - 11219
$1 1843 PCGS MS63
$ 13750.00
How can you not love a big coin that is loaded with gorgeous color from 1843? For a date not known to come nice, this coin is of exceptionally choice quality too!

Mother Nature could not have done a better job! The colors are this coins #1 highlight by far. You can see the stunning color rings from across the room. Semi neon like rings of rose/gold/amber/blue/pale green open into lighter purple/pale tangerine centers all over. A full booming luster highlights the totally original colors. Most like this coin was housed in a Wayte Raymond type album for a very long time. The surfaces are smooth and only reveal the tiniest of ticks when you use a strong glass and look hard. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have extra sharp strikes. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 17, NGC 10, CAC 9. This is not a date or grade you will see offered for sale with any frequency-the pops are just not right. Keep in mind, the next step up is worth a MINIMUM of $50,000.00 if you could even find one. Opportunity knocks so loud here for the MS Seated Dollar lover!

Item - 11001
$ 59500.00
Until last month, this was the coin in our #1 ALL TIME registry MS Seated Dollar set. We had searched for many years and until now, this was the BEST 46O we have ever seen. The quality is EXTREMELY high end!

We strongly believe in the "old days" pre certification, this coin would have been called a GEM MS65. We think PCGS was too harsh on it. With out a glass, there are ZERO impairments visible. Even more shocking, with a glass there are still ZERO impairments to be found. The surfaces are also satiny smooth. A moderate luster shows off moderate slightly dusky (NOT dull or drab) original pale olive/golden brown colors that are evenly spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have no problems. The eye appeal is very nice!

PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 3 (one is a 64+). The lone 64+ that exists is locked away in our #1 set and us unavailable. This is your only opportunity to buy the second finest 1846O Dollar. By searching for 15+ years, we did all the hard work for you find this 46O!

Item - 11323
$1 1868 PCGS PR64+ CAMEO
$ 11000.00
This coin is an "old friend" we saw had been placed in auction and had to buy back. We adore this coin tremendously!

Superior deep mirrors beam from all over. They do border DEEP. They are also crystal clear, super clean, and have powerful reflectivity. For identification, there is a tiny toning spot on the rim. There is no other toning on the coin. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have strong creamy white frost. The eye appeal is stunning!

Only 600 pieces were minted. PCGS 21, NGC 11, CAC 4. To date, this is the ONLY PR 64+ by PCGS or NGC. Keep in mind next step up would cost you around $22,500.00 (and we do have one)!


Item - 11307
$ 24500.00
We fully agree this coin is on the cusp of being a full PR67 Cameo! It is also a borderline DCam.

Deep mirrors beam from all over. They have remarkable clarity, cleanliness (the lines are on the holder), and of course bold reflectivity. The mirrors look like freshly made ice on a winters coldest day! Miss Liberty and the details dramatically add to the stunning contrast. They are also fully struck and enjoy thick frost. The eye appeal is spectacular!

This is a PROOF ONLY date with 960 minted. PCGS 6, NGC 19, CAC 6. PCGS has graded ONLY 2 coins PR66+ Cameo. No PR66+ CA has sold at auction. We assure you, this coin is NOT average in any respect!

Item - 11345
$1 1878S PCGS MS67
$ 11500.00
This is a terrific coin! Its hard to find a 78S with out some imperfections. We won't buy this date unless its a really good looking coin like this!

Shimmering surfaces are super clean and do have a satiny texture. The fields are virtually flawless. A full booming luster shows off white with ultra light hints of gold by the rims. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The check is totally original. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 31, NGC 34, CAC 15, The last one to sell in auction besides our Coronet coin (which realized $10,281.00) was one that brought $14,950.00 back in 2011! The pops might have bumped up, but there are only 23% beaned. Thats a powerful statement as to how these don't come-nice! We believe these are prices at a very fair level today.

Item - 11308
$ 65000.00
We fully assure you, there are not many Capped Dies similar to this piece at all.

Almost legal (need to have 4 inches to be called a PL) mirrors are surprisingly deep. Overall the surfaces are extra clean. This coin exhibits great luster and flash from the mirrors-which happen to be on BOTH sides. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and are fully struck. The eye appeal is exceptional!

PCGS 12, NGC 9, CAC 5. We purchased this coin because we remembered how hard it was to find a really nice Capped Die. This is NOT your typical Capped Die either!

Item - 11265
$1 1879S PCGS MS68
$ 6500.00
This is the real deal for an MS68. Even the pickiest buyer will love it!

Ultra clean (and we mean ULTRA) surfaces are satiny smooth as well. There are slight traces of semi-prooflike mirrors when you twirl the coin. Over, the coin has a satiny booming luster. There is no toning and both sides are an original white. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 98, NGC 164, CAC 41. Do not get a 1879S confused with an 80S (198 pop) that can sell for slightly less. If you are a really picky collector, this coin is for you!

Item - 11281
$ 75000.00
This out of this world GEM is one of 4 coins we left early bids on and won (88% of the 64 coins were sold to collectors). We've never ever seen another 80CC remotely close to it.

Here is our catalog description: Ever since the Coronet Collector first laid eyes on this monster, he knew it was one of the finest 1880-CCs to ever exist! Real, 4” mirrors have great clarity, cleanliness, and strong reflectivity. This coin actually has more flash than a few 80-CC DMPLs we’ve seen. There is no toning on this undipped, unaltered piece, and strong contrast is visible. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and sharply struck. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 1, NGC 1, CAC 1. This coin was bought via private treaty and has never appeared at auction. The current Collectors Universe value is a ridiculous $30,000.00, but the Coronet Collector paid substantially more. Not only is this the finest 1880-CC, it’s one of the finest Morgan Dollar CCs, and will be a stunning prize in any gem Morgan or CC set.

We'd like to add, this is one of the great CC's that survives in ANY Date.

Item - 11282
$ 7000.00
This is one of four pieces we left early bids on and won! Its a spectacular coin and was every bit worthy of inclusion in the worlds finest set of MS Morgans!

Yet another outstanding common date. It took an awful long time to find this beauty! Intensely lustrous, unaltered surfaces reveal few trivial ticks or lines, while both sides are a pleasing, undipped silvery white. Miss Liberty and the details have both light contrast and frost. The details are sharply struck and the cheek is magnificently clean. The eye appeal is phenomenal! PCGS 115, NGC 240, CAC 67. The last one to sell at auction brought $4,113.00 (8/14). Good luck!

We'd like to add, all the hard work was done for you by the Coronet Collector and us! This is not a low end or so/so piece. Its a HIGH END, EYE APPEALING, and totally SUPERB GEM! Now is your chance to add this GEM to your set for inclusion.

Item - 10484
$1 1882 PCGS MS66
$ 2875.00
If this were an 80S, it probably would be a MS66+! We see little reason why it is not.

Super surfaces are super satiny and are super clean. Even frost breaks are held to a minimum. A strong luster shows off original white surfaces. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 253, NGC 243, CAC 51. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $3,055.00 09/2014 Heritage. Opportunity knocks loud here!


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