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What has happened to the price of MS67 Morgans? THEY HAVE BECOME TOO STUPID CHEAP. We still believe that PROPERLY graded (CAC) pieces are worth at least $1,000.00. There are not as many PCGS/CAC MS67's around as you think. The prices WILL eventually get back to the $1,000.00 level. We sure can't buy many really nice ones around $800.00!
Where have all the REAL DMPL's gone was well? Even common dates are not so common at todays ridiculously low prices.

There are many great values in dollars today! 
We simply can't buy nice pieces. We have NOT given up on the dollar market!

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Item - 10351

Item - 10345

Item - 10039

Item - 10315
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Item - 10341
$1 1795 FH 3 LVS PCGS AU58
$ 62500.00
OMG! This coin is awesome and then some! Remember, its only 219 years old and made the 2nd year our US Mint was working.

A surprising and impressive unbroken luster beams from all over. Its almost as brilliant as what you'd see on a lesser piece like a Morgan. Once you get passed the full cartwheel, you'll be blown away by the virtually perfect smooth surfaces. It is our opinion this coin was lightly dipped years ago and no has come back super neat. A beautiful light to moderate patina of gold covers all the surfaces. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have remarkable sharp strikes. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

PCGS 45, NGC 7, CAC 4. These are rare and are very desirable (especially with a CAC bean). To date, we see no PCGS CAC piece has sold at auction. The PCGS piece (a non CAC) that sold in auction brought $63,250.00 05/2012 Goldberg. Once this piece is gone, good luck finding another!

Item - 10351
$ 350000.00
Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this magnificent GEM. It is formerly from our partners #1 registry set of Bust Dollars. We have not been able to put this coin away since it came into our possession. Hard to imagine how a 219 year old coin could have such a powerful eye appeal.

There is no question this coin has been carefully stored for the duration of its life. The surfaces are clearly defect free and are smooth. A dramatic full booming luster shows off the original mauve/lavender/pewter colors that swirl all over. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

PCGS 8, NGC 1, CAC 2. There are possibly 3 coins graded higher. The last auction record for any 1795 3 LVS PCGS MS64 selling was back in 2012 when a NON CAC piece brought $223,250.00 08/2012 Heritage. A MS65 is at least a $750,000.00+ coin-but the lone coin is tied up in a major collection. This coin really is the finest you can get. Its no slouch either!

Item - 10245
$1 1800 PCGS AU58
$ 21000.00
What a lovely and top notch GEM AU piece!

The surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. Even with a strong glass you will NOT find any big marks or lines. A decent amount of original luster is still visible. Wonderful original album toning of blue/purple/golden brown swirls away all over. There is a teenie toning dot in the center of the shield on the reverse-mentioned for accuracy. Miss Liberty and the details are surprisingly well struck. There are NO discolorations on the high points. The wear is very hard to see. You will love this coin super eye appeal!

PCGS 26, NGC 50, CAC 4. We have NO records of any PCGS CAC piece selling auction since CAC began. Properly graded, non messed with examples are extremely rare. You will NOT be disappointed in this GEM AU piece!

Item - 10254
$1 1802 PCGS AU58 BB-241
$ 21000.00
We've seen this date in grades from busted up VG to the GEM MS65+. This coin definitely is a terrific example for the date. Its grade is accurate.

One of the most impressive things about this coin-it does have a healthy does of original luster and "skin" (surfaces). To the naked eye the surfaces are super clean and smooth. Even with a strong glass you really have to look hard to find any light ticks. A wonderful and totally original mix of olive/deep pewter/pale rose colors swirl all over. There are no real discolorations on the high points. All the wear is very light and is well hidden. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The eye appeal is really nice!

PCGS 12, NGC 26, CAC 3. There are no records we could find of any other PCGS CAC Narrow Date selling in auction. Do not let the pops fool you, these are legitimately cool and rare coins!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 25301266 (the image does not do this coin justice!).

We would love to work with some one to build a GEM AU set of Bust Dollars. If you are up for it, we have this and the 1800 to start. What a great set that would be 1794-1803!

Item - 10309
$1 1850 PCGS MS63
$ 17500.00
We profess our full unrestricted love for this very high end and choice coin!

First, this coin clearly is semi-prooflike (virtually full prooflike). Couple that with the coins full booming luster and you have a really flashy dollar. if you look really hard you will find a few tiny and widely scattered ticks. There are no other problems of any kind-that we could find. Both sides are an even slightly mottled mix of totally original pale navy/tangerine/purple/blue colors. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and are sharply struck. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 7, NGC 7, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only 2 coins higher period (both are impounded in major collections). We can not stress enough how rare and undervalued this date is. The last one to sell in auction was a PCGS NON CAC piece. That coin brought $14,680.00. All we can stress is how loud opportunity knocks here!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 28574100

Item - 10310
$1 1859O PCGS MS64
$ 9500.00
You'd think this date and grade would easy to find-NOT! Plus,we have seen a few graded that are choppy and dipped out. This coin is original and is seriously above average!

Sleek surfaces are a huge ball of fiery luster. Just a few really light ticks and lines can be seen (more typical for the date). This coin has NOT been dipped. A gorgeous ring of original blue/reddish gold colors frames the rims only. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is very nice!

PCGS 28, NGC 22, CAC 5. According to our records the last one of these to sell in auction was back in 11/2011. That coin brought $7,475.00. Keep in mind, that was nearly 3 years ago. Have not seen one since! This will be a wonderful addition to ANY choice/GEM M Seated Dollar set.

Item - 10315
$1 1859S PCGS MS64+
$ 240000.00
For many years when we were building the ALL time FINEST EVER Legend Collection of MS Seated Dollars we tried hard to buy this coin. Of course long after our set is sold, we finally have an opportunity to buy it. There was no way this coin could escape a Legend pedigree!

If you did not see the date, you'd think this coin was an MS 1863. The surfaces not only have a full booming luster, they are also moderately prooflike. Only a few very faint lines and ticks can be seen. There is some kind of light staining (possibly mint grease) on the left reverse-probably what keeps this coin from full MS65 by PCGS (It as an NGC MS65). Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp full strikes. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. There is no other 1859S that is remotely even close to this coins quality (while the PCGS pop in MS63 is 7, only one is beaned).

If you are building a choice/GEM MS Seated set, this coin is must have. Or if buy really rare and cool coins-ditto. Legend Numismatics is proud to finally own and offer this special Dollar. Price guides are not even remotely accurate on this coin as it has traded privately though out its life. We did pay in excess of $200,000.00. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Item - 10308
$ 12500.00
It is not hard to believe that at one time this piece was part of the Legend Collection of MS Seated Dollars (the #1 all time finest ever). After close examination, you'll see why!

Surprisingly lustrous surfaces are amazingly clean and satiny. Even using a strong glass you will only see minor frost breaks and really light hits that do NOT show to the naked eye. A fiery blush of totally original reddish gold frames the peripheries all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 21, NGC 16, CAC 3. PCGS has only graded 5 coins higher. No PCGS CAC pieces have yet to sell at auction. In fact the last PCGS 1861 to sell was back in 2010. Do NOT let the pop reports fool you, its nearly impossible to find a really nice 1861 MS $1! Add to that the pedigree of this coin (you don't think we are going to pick an average coin for our set do you?), this coin has some great characteristics.

Item - 10323
$1 1864 PCGS MS64
$ 18500.00
One thing Legend knows-MS Seated Dollars. We built the FINEST EVER MS Seated set (it will never be matched). So when we saw this coin, we knew it was a marvelous HIGH END piece.

Superb surfaces are have only the faintest of scuffs or ticks. You need a strong glass to see the typical (Mint made) light die polishing lines. A surprising full booming luster beams gorgeous, totally original colors of golden brown/blue/pale violet that are mostly around the peripheries. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 5, NGC 6, CAC 3. Hard to believe there are at least 7-8 finer! Still, this is a rare date from our most desirable collecting period-The Civil War era. The last one of these to sell was a non CAC piece. That was waaay back in 2008. Back then it brought $20,400.00. Can't say we have seen any MS64's offered in the past year or so. Keep in mind, ANY MS65 is worth at least $45,000.00+ if PCGS CAC. Opportunity knocks as loud as ever here!

Item - 9980
$1 1866 PCGS PR64 CAMEO
$ 8950.00
This is a delightful coin for the grade!

The mirrors are deep, have excellent clarity, are clean overall, and most important offer strong reflectivity. With a strong glass you can find light scattered lines-nothing serious. There is some light original golden brown toning that gently frames the peripheries all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is superb!

ONLY 725 were ever minted. PCGS 16, NGC 34, CAC 12. These are NOT as "common" as you might think. The last one to sell in auction brought $7,475.00 back in 05/2012 Heritage (TWO years ago). We purchased this coin direct from a collector.

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