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Item - 10453
10C 1800 PCGS AU58
$ 24500.00
There is NO visible wear. Finding GEM AU problem free early bust coins like this is a challenge!

Exceptional surfaces have NO serious problems. The planchet seems to have a few very minor imperfections-which is typical. A surprising strong luster shows off totally ORIGINAL pale gold/deep silver colors. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 5, NGC 4, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only 5 MS pieces after 25+ years of operations. The last PCGS CAC AU58 piece to sell brought $23,500.00 01/2014 Heritage. In 2008 two of these (probably only one coin) sold for $32,200.00.

This is a great coin for any Bust Dime or Type set. Even if you are a very selective buyer, this coin WILL more then impress you!

We are surprised this magnificent coin is still in our inventory. We really want it to have a good home. Here is something neat to do: Start a 1800 set of coins. Buy this and the $1 1800 PCGS AU58 we have posted (now discounted) . Put 1/3 down and pay the balance by Dec 22nd! That's real opportunity.

Item - 10161
$ 7500.00
We strongly believe this SUPER HIGH END piece was not designated a MS65 because PCGS did not like its "stone bold" ORIGINAL looks. Shame on them!

We really mean it when we tell you the surfaces are pristine. Even using a strong glass turns up no problems or ANY kind-ANY where. The luster is decent. Both sides are evenly covered by a totally ORIGINAL mix of semi-crusty pewter/gray gold colors. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. The stars are almost 3-D and you do NOT need a glass to see them. The eye appeal is very pleasing!

PCGS 4, NGC 10, CAC 5. According to our records, the last one to sell in auction brought $6,463.00 back in 10/2012 Heritage. Thats not exactly an easy to find coin. PCGS possibly has graded only 4 coins finer. 25+ years years of ops and there are only 64's? Thats rare!

Item - 10356
$ 65000.00
Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer a coin rarer then a 1894S 10C or a 1804 $1 There is no question this coin is a full booming GEM proof too.

Deep mirrors have amazing clarity, cleanliness, and of course strong reflectivity. The mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of ice. Both sides are blanketed by a mix of pretty and original olive/lavender/gold brown colors. Miss Liberty and every detail are razor sharp and do stand out. The eye appeal is wonderful!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 3 (clearly this coin has been in multiple times). There is no auction prior auction record for this coin. back in 2009, a PR64 NON CAC sold for $46,000.00. If you collect Dimes or seek a different kind of coin that's extremely rare, this is it! if you have dupes or tired coins, trade them in for this piece!

Item - 10281
$ 28000.00
VERY HIGH END QUALITY. Plus, this is an extremely rare date-in ANY grade!

You can only find a few stray lines and small tick in the right field with a strong glass. Overall, this coin has dazzling, deep, crystal clear, clean, highly reflective mirrors. A thicker ring of original blue/purple/navy opens into lighter, golden centers. The colors are vibrant. Miss Liberty and the details are incredibly struck. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

MINTAGE: 8. PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 1. PCGS has possibly graded only two coins higher. There are no auction records for any PR64 ever selling, but the current Collectors Universe value is $29,000.00. Think about this: an 1894S 10C has a better story and more minted. The 94S sells for $1.5 million in PR64, while this coin does not even make a value of $50,000.00. We think this coin for the long term is a steal at today's crazy low levels. We bought it because we strongly believe in it and felt it was too cheap. Even if you don't collect Dimes, this might be worth selling off any dupes for.

Item - 10067
10C 1852 PCGS MS66
$ 4750.00
The greatness of this coin can not be described by just words, you really need to see it! This piece is a all there and then some MS66.

Extra smooth velvety surfaces are super clean. Even with a strong glass there are no issues to ruin the party of greatness. A strong luster shows off totally ORIGINAL creamy white that mixes with hints of gold/pale purple all over. Miss Liberty and the details are are frosty and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 3, NGC 6, CAC 3. NO MS66 PCGS CAC piece has ever sold in auction. Whats wrong with this picture? You have a terrific 162 year old totally ORIGINAL GEM. It has a pop of a mere 3 coins with only possibly 4 higher. Auction records show specimens have sold only 4 times since 2007 (we think its the same one). Why isn't this a $10,000.00 coin? Sadly a 1C 1990S NO S PR69 Ultra Cameo sold for $7,050.00 at the Long Beach Auction. While we do not know the eaxct pops we assure you its more then just 3! We'll take the Dime everytime!


Item - 10397
10C 1852 PCGS PR64 CAMEO
$ 45000.00
OMG! This coin should not even exist! Not only does it exist, but its in a VERY high end state of preservation!

Surprising deep and glittering mirrors are the real deal. They are deep, clear, and have powerful reflectivity. They actually are clean, but you can see some mint made die polishing lines. There is a faint hint of toning on the high points. The balance of the coin is a heavy pewter/silver color. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have remarkable full strikes. The eye appeal is sensational!

ONLY 8 were ever minted. That's LESS then a 94S 10, 1804 $1, or a 76CC 20C all of which sell for a minimum of $500,000.00! NGC 1, CAC 1. We do not understand why this coin is not at least $75,000.00. The numbers are all there. We think time and an appearance or two will allow collectors to learn more and create more value for this clearly under priced date. Of course there are NO auction records for this coin ever selling.

Item - 10304
10C 1861S PCGS MS66
$ 65000.00
We ask ourselves every day-how in the world does this remarkable coin even exist? Think about it, its 153 years old. It survived the Civil War and natures/human elements for that long. Last, it looks like it was made recently. You will NEVER see a better 1861S 10C!

The only things we can see that might be what are keeping this GEM from an MS67-two teenie HIDDEN flecks and a minor clash mark (which is Mint made). It also should be known this date come very "soft" and crusty. Of course this piece is anything but that. Both sides are amazingly clean and satiny smooth. A surprisingly strong luster shows off the totally original light gold/creamy white colors. Miss Liberty and the details are FULLY struck and do stand out. They also are lightly frosted. The eye appeal is refreshing and just outstanding!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. It should be noted that a nice MS64 (not an upgrade candidate) was auctioned for $41,125.00 June 2014 Heritage in heated bidding. Imagine what this coin would do if it were in auction! Fortunately, it is not and we are very reasonable in what we are asking! This coin definitely is the opportunity of a life time for anyone building a SUPERB GEM Seated Dime set.

Item - 10029
10C 1863 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO
$ 7500.00
What a special and great quality Civil War era coin! Hard to believe it has survived 151 years in such pristine HIGH END condition and has acquired beautiful colors.

Splendid mirrors are deep, crystal clear, clean, and have strong reflectivity. There are a few light and scattered lines that are visible ONLY with a strong glass. The mirrors look ice. A gorgeous ring of album like colors frames the peripheries. Semi electric ORIGINAL shades of blue/gold/deep violet/green are easy to see. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is super!

ONLY 460 pieces were minted. PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 3. This is the ONLY PR66+ Cameo graded by PCGS-there is only PR67 CA graded. There are no prior auction records. A PR66 CA CAC piece did sell for $6,325.00 08/2011 Heritage. Opportunity knocks loud here!

Item - 10066
10C 1867 PCGS MS66+
$ 8500.00
We have handled 2 of the regular MS66's. We can tell yes indeed, this coin is finer. It really does border on MS67!

Superb surfaces are super clean. Traces of semi-prooflike mirrors can be seen. Only with a strong glass can you see minor die clashing (Mint made) and light die polishing lines. The luster is really strong and enlivens the moderate and slight irregular totally ORIGINAL toning of pale navy/purple/violet/gold that is evenly spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and do have full strikes. The eye appeal is superb!

PCGS 10, NGC 10, CAC 8. PCGS has graded 2 pieces MS 66+. Neither have been in auctions. The last MS 66 to sell brought $4,994.00 03/2014 heritage while the last MS67 to sell brought 09/2010 Heritage. We strongly feel this coin prices very fair!

Item - 10170
10C 1874 W/A PCGS PR67
$ 32500.00
WOW! When we first saw this coin we were blown away. It has everything a true SUPERB GEM should and then some!

Deep, crystal clear, ultra clean, and boldly reflective mirrors beam from all over. They look like a freshly made sheet of glass. A gorgeous mix of totally ORIGINAL deeper green with hints of royal blue evenly covers all of the surfaces. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is eye popping!

ONLY 700 were ever minted. PCGS 1, NGC 2, CAC 2 (bad us-the pop is one-we never had it taken off the CAC pop). The last sale for this coin prior to Gardner was back in 2012 where it realized $27,400.00. Seems cheap to us that the FINEST 140 year old 1874 10C PR is worth under $50,000.00. After all, PCGS has been in operation for over 25+ years! Much rather have this date than ANY Modern pop 1!

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