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Half Cents
Item - 11021
H.01 1809 PCGS MS65BN
$ 6250.00
Love this totally original GEM Half Cent!

The surfaces are immaculate and are velvety smooth. There actually is a trace of genuine luster around the devices. The fields are slightly glossy-we do not think this coin was camel brushed or messed with. Both sides are an even slightly deeper chocolate color. There are a few pinpoint stains that you really need a glass to see. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is wonderful!

PCGS 4, NGC 5, CAC 3.PCGS has graded only ONE higher. Before we bought it, this coin sold for $7,637.00 08/2014 Heritage. This is not a date or grade you encounter much t all. In fact prior to 2014, NONE were sold at auction since early 2010!

Half Cents
Item - 11086
$ 69500.00
The extreme great rarity and quality of this coin can NOT be overstated. It is as rare as 1894S Dime, and it has VERY high end quality! In your lifetime you will see no more then a handful of ORIGINAL HALF CENT PROOFS offered of any date or grade.

What a marvelous and totally ORIGINAL GEM this coin is. Shallow but real mirrors are clear, clean, and do have some decent reflectivity. The color is a totally ORIGINAL mix of faded mint red and light brown. A few tiny toning dots can be seen. Miss Liberty and the details are needle sharp in strike and have light frost. Here is a partial description from Goldberg: "Mint red fading to steel brown, about half of the red remaining. The fields are nicely reflective with moderate mirrors on the obverse and slightly deeper ones on the reverse. A gem except for a few carbon spots, including one in the field left of the date and another in the field below star 10 near the hair bun." We'd like to add, the eye appeal is wonderful!

ONLY 15 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. The only other piece graded 65-is the other PR65+ from the Missouri cabinet. That coin sold for $94,875.00. If that coin had not been first, we would not have been able to buy this. There was a new collector who no question was determined to buy a complete PR set from the sale. Most likely this will be the ONLY ORIGINAL PR 1848 for sale for years. NO PR65's have ever sold in auction. The last PR64RB that sold was back in 2003-that coin brought $10,350.00. We can't stress enough how much we feel these are UNDERvalued -still!

Legend Numismatics is proud to own and offer this extreme rarity to our collecting friends. This coin is ex Missouri Cabinet-possibly the finest ever group of PR Half Cents assembled.

Item - 11083
$ 4150.00
Pre 1830's Bust coins really are very cool when they are problem free. This coin stood out to us and we had to own it!

An excellent problem free planchet creates clean and smooth surfaces all over. There is a slight luster. You can clearly see hints of original Mint Red around the devices. The balance of the coin is an even colored chocolate brown. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 19, NGC 4, CAC 6. The last one of these to sell in a major auction auction brought $3,995.00 01/2014. This coin will make a great addition to any Choice Large Cent or Type set. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Item - 10994
1C 1857 LG PCGS PR66BN
$ 15500.00
Even if you do not collect Large cents, this coin is so neat and beautiful it will make you start thinking about doing so.

If PCGS really wanted to, they could have designated this coin a Cameo. Ultra deep mirrors are super clean, have outstanding clarity, and are intensely reflective all over. The mirrors look like a freshly make sheet of perfect glass. Wonderful moderate and totally ORIGINAL colors of chocolate/brown/purple/green colors swirl all over. This coin has NEVER had an MS70 bath (it would be blue and purple). Miss Liberty and the details are knife sharp in strike. They boldly stand out with ultra thick colored frost. The eye appeal is sensational!

ONLY 238 were ever minted. PCGS 4, NGC 10, CAC 3 (we think this coin is 2X on the CAC pops). PCGS has graded NONE higher. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. In fact the last piece to sell was back in 2008-when it realized $10,350.00 11/08 Stacks. We cannot stress enough the phenomenal quality and opportunity this coin offers.

Item - 10997
1C 1911 PCGS PR66+RB
$ 17500.00
We admit first thing, we did try this coin for a PR67 RB. All we can say is, PCGS must have been in a super bad mood the day this coin came in to graded. To us, it sure looks much better then just a PR66+. And its got MONSTER colors that would make a peacock blush!

Incredible surfaces are flawless. They display a full Matte texture that is undisturbed. There is some luster. You will not find any spots. A rich blend of totally original and electric colors of pearl green/gold/fiery violet/pale Mint red/purple all swirl vividly on both sides. Any master artist would give a thumbs up to this outrageous work of month nature. Lincoln and the details are needle sharp in strike. The rims are thick and stand out. The eye appeal is jaw dropping tremendous!

PCGS 21, NGC 16, CAC 8. This is the ONLY PCGS PR66+ RB. PCGS has graded only ONE coin finer. If you are building a monster set-then look no further-this is your dream coin!

Two Cents
Item - 11044
$ 19750.00
What lovely GEM Mint RD SUPERB GEM! We probably have handled more of these in higher grades than anyone. This coin definitely is well worthy of its designation!

Extra deep mirrors glitter all over. You see tiny dots-they are TONING dots, not flecks or other issues. The mirrors actually are clear and there is no haze. Both sides are a fiery GEM original MINT RED color. The details are needle sharp and do have light frost. The eye appeal is exceptional!

Only 100 total were estimated to have been minted. PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 3. We were shocked to find the last one that sold in auction was way back in 2001! The current Collectors Universe Value is a bit low at $19,500.00. We know the coins previous owner was trying to take a shot and was asking $32,500.00. We don't play those games nor did we think the coin was worth that. Opportunity does knock very loud for the Civil War Collector or Two Proof enthusiast!

Two Cents
Item - 11080
2C 1868 PCGS PR65RB
$ 1575.00
This is a totally original GEM Pr 2C piece!

The mirrors are bold and they beam from all over. They are also clean, deep, have remarkable clarity, and are highly reflective. Both sides are beautifully toned with shades of original pale mint red/violet/pale golden brown colors. Every detail is frosty and has a crisp sharp strike. The eye appeal is great!

ONLY 600 coins were ever minted. PCGS 44, NGC 42, CAC 13. The last one to sell in auction brought $1,528.00 01/2015 in a weaker sale! Opportunity knocks loud here!


Two Cents
Item - 11056
$ 5950.00
No question PCGS is extra strict on how they grade these. This coin is clearly high end!

Moderate mirrors are ultra clean-even if you use a strong glass. They are clear and offer good reflectivity. A moderate mix of original brown/pale magenta/pale record colors all mix evenly on both sides. Every detail is razor sharp in strike and has light frost. The eye appeal is excellent!

This is a Proof only date with just 600 minted. PCGS 28, NGC 40, CAC 14. The current Collectors Universe Value is $6,500.00. In 2008 this piece sold for $6,038.00. Here is a great opportunity to acquire one of the Keys in great condition!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 11008
3CS 1860 PCGS PR66
$ 9750.00
This is a mystery date in a way. Not only can we never find any, when we do they are poor quality with little eye appeal. It was easy to buy this Superb GEM!

Extra deep mirrors beam from all over. Only with a strong glass can you find a few minor planchet issues, but overall the surfaces are clean. The mirrors are crystal clear and have bold reflectivity. A wonderful moderate mix of original pale navy/purple/blue/pale champagne colors swirl all over. Every detail is sharply struck and does exhibit frosting. The eye appeal is super!

Even though 1000 were minted, most were melted due to poor sales at the Mint. PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 6 (we're pretty sure this coin is 2-3x). There is one PR67+. Good luck on finding another 1860 in PR66! The current Collectors Universe Value is $10,000.00. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. We can't stress any more how much of a "stopper" date this is!

Item - 11052
$ 4750.00
Neat totally original coin!

Superior mirrors are icy smooth and sleek. They have great clarity and bold reflectivity. Using a strong glass, not a single microscopic flaw can be detected. Both sides have a moderate mix of lavender/lilac/pale purple/champagne colors spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do offer thick frost. The eye appeal is superb!

PCGS 5, NGC 19, CAC 9. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought a whopping $7,050.00 08/2013 Heritage. We bought this coin really right and will pass the savings on to you!


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