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Half Cents
Item - 10431
$ 15000.00
PR Half Cents are one of our all time favorite coins. They are obsolete, neat, and are beautiful. When we saw this coin we knew we had to own it-the quality and eye appeal are super high end!

Surprisingly deep, clear, clean (there are a couple of MINT MADE die flakes), and highly reflective mirrors dazzle you from all over. You rarely see earlier copper coins with REAL flashy mirrors like this. Other then a teenie drop of toning, there are NO spots. Both sides are enlivened by a beautiful mix of chocolate brown/pale green/pale gold color that's is absolutely ORIGINAL. Miss Liberty and the details are slightly frosty and have perfect pinpoint sharp strikes. The eye appeal is impressive!

ONLY 30 pieces were ever minted. PCGS 5, NGC 0, CAC 3. The last one to sell in major auction brought $14,950.00 1/2014 Goldberg. Keep in mind, fresh and really GEMMY pieces like this hardly ever appear. We think ANY GEM PROOF priced BELOW $20,000.00 is a steal in today's market place. We think this definitely a great piece to put away or add to your collection, what other coins from 1843 can you buy (or find) in GEM PROOF for UNDER $20,000.00?


Item - 10463
1C-$1 1898 PCGS PR64-67
$ 32500.00
As many of you know, we strongly believe that matched ORIGINAL PR sets are the last frontier of numismatics. We strongly believe they have been overlooked in terms of both rarity and prices. This set is a wicked cool set-each coin is clearly matched. ALL but one is CAC beaned.

1C 1898 PCGS PRR66+RB CAC . Most Indian Cent fans would pick this coin out of the set in a heartbeat. Its very high end and has gorgeous color! (30774242)

5C 1898 PCGS PR65 CAC. A no non sense piece. Light original toning evenly covers both sides.

10C PCGS PR64 CAC. Slightly speckled toning covers all the surfaces. A planchet flake on the reverse is what keeps it from a PR66 grade!

25C 1898 PCGS PR67 CAC. Moderate semi-dusky original toning covers both sides. It matched the rest of the coins. You can clearly see the flash of the mirrors.

50C 1898 PCGS PR67. This coin did not CAC and we can not see why. It is a total match to all the other coins. The technical quality is all there.

$1 1898 PCGS PR66+ CAC. Just a few well hidden light lines from full PR67. The colors absolutely are original and match every other silver coin! (30774247)

Think about this-how many GEM PR matched original PCGS PR sets have you seen in the past year? We sure have seen very few-and try and specialize in them. We are convinced that as time goes on, collectors will realize the great rarities these sets are and will expand the "set premiums" to appropriate levels.

We strongly suggest if you have dupes or stuff sitting around-get rid of them and trade in to something like with far better potential.

Two Cents
Item - 10458
2C 1864 PCGS PR65RB
$ 3675.00
This is a fabulous piece! It is totally ORIGINAL and has many GEM qualities.

Deep, crystal clear, clean, and powerfully reflective mirrors beam from all over. There are a few microscopic toning dots hidden-but there are NO PVC or other problems. The color has some GEM Mint Red that mixes with totally ORIGINAL pale gold/green/brown colors. Every detail is frosty and is needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is fabulous!

ONLY 100 were ever minted. PCGS 37, NGC 40, CAC 16. The last one to sell in major auction brought $3,672.00 02/2014 Heritage. These have always been very popular! This piece would make a great start or addition to ANY GEM set!


Two Cents
Item - 10425
2C 1872 PCGS MS65RB DDO FS-101
$ 12500.00
We could not put this superb piece down when we were offered it. Finding really nice MS 2C pieces like this-impossible!

After studying this coin carefully, we actually think the coin has MS65+/MS66 quality surfaces (we make NO promise this coin will ever go up in grade). There is zero wrong anywhere or of any size. A good luster shows off light to moderate NICE and totally original faded Mint Red/pale light brown colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. Every detail is sharply struck and stand out. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 16, NGC 12, CAC 11. We would not be surprised if this coin was 2-3 resubmissions. The last one to sell in auction brought $14,100.00 01/2014 heritage. Opportunity knocks loud if you are a 2C collector!

Two Cents
Item - 10461
2C 1873 OPEN 3 PCGS PR66RB
$ 13500.00
We doubt you will EVER see a more PERFECT (and we mean perfect) 1873 OPEN 3 Proof!

Study this coin as hard and long as you can. You will be amazed how time after time you will have the same result: the surfaces are flawless! On both sides the mirrors are strong and offer good reflectivity. A mellow mix of totally ORIGINAL light brown/deep gold is evenly spread all over. There are NO spots or stains. No question this coin has never been messed with. Every detail is pinpoint sharp in strike. The eye appeal is excellent!

ONLY 500 pieces of this PR ONLY date were ever minted. It is unknown how many were Open 3's-but it is known the figure was not many. PCGS 8, NGC 12, CAC 5. Here is a startling fact about its great rarity: until this piece surfaced on the market, the last auction record for a PCGS PR66RB (not just a CAC coin) was from 2001! Even in 66RD one has not surfaces since 2010 (that coin sold for $35,000.00). So we are not too sure the pops are correct for this date (there may be duplicates). One thing is for sure, this is a great coin and it has extreme rarity! For Two Cent Proof Collectors this represents one heck or an opportunity.

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10465
3CS 1860 PCGS PR66
$ 8750.00

Deep, glittering, crystal clear, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. There is a very teenie planchet disturbance at 7:00 on the obverse-otherwise this coin would be a PR67! Both sides are evenly blanketed by a deeper but NOT dark or dull mix of totally ORIGINAL navy/aqua green/royal blue colors. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and do stand out. The eye appeal is fabulous!

Only 1000 were minted-but most were melted due to poor sale. PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 5 (this and another coin are at least 4 beans). PCGS has graded only one coin higher-a PR67+ (which we'd love to buy it). The other PR 66 is housed in the Little Silver Collection that we sold to a collector at the ANA Show. Our computer is showing no auction records for either PR66. The current Collectors Universe value is $10,000.00. The last PR65 sold for $6,613.00 02/2012 Heritage. This is NOT an easy to date to find in ANY state of GEM!

Item - 10464
5C 1913 TYI PCGS PR66
$ 3350.00
The originality of this GEM is undeniable! As is the full PR66 quality!

Superb and totally original. The surfaces display full Matte texture. A moderate lustre shows off pale rose/pale blue/deep nickel color on the obverse. The reverse probably sat on felt and has a light gold toning. There are NO spots or problems. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and stands out. The eye appeal is excellent!

PCGS 98, NGC 98, CAC 26. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $4,259.00 04/2014 heritage. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Item - 10427
5C 1923S PCGS MS65+
$ 23500.00
This coin has a major WOW factor for an S Mint! We never see this date so nice. We are really not so sure why it is not a full MS66.

Crisp, clean, and sleek surfaces are problem free. Not even the teeniest tick or dot can be found. A super strong luster beams from all over. In fact, there are traces of semi-prooflike "skin" (thick shiny luster) all over. The color is an original silvery nickel. The details are especially sharply struck. The eye appeal is awesome!

PCGS 45, NGC 35, CAC 9 (we think this coin has been CAC 2x). There are possibly 2 MS65+ graded. An MS66 would cost you close to $40,000.00-if you could find the lone PCGS CAC coin.If you are building a SUPERB GEM Buffalo set, then check this GEM out!

Half Dimes:Seated
Item - 10424
H.10 1858O PCGS MS67+
$ 14750.00
What an AMAZING SUPERB GEM. No question, this piece is the absolute FINEST KNOWN!

Incredible surfaces are completely FLAWLESS. Even when using a strong glass and looking all over, you will find NO impairments of even microscopic size. A full glowing luster shows off a stunning mix of totally original forest green/pale olive/gold/magenta/blue colors that swirl all over. You do not need a glass to see the fully struck features. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. PCGS has graded NONE in MS67 while NGC has one. We can't believe how cheap the market values a true rarity like this. Seems the majority of Modern coins with millions slabbed sell for more.! Here you have an obsolete denomination, an obsolete Mint, a pop 1 coin, a FINEST KNOWN coin, and a coin that is 156 years old. This is a great long term value!

Item - 10453
10C 1800 PCGS AU58
$ 24500.00
There is NO visible wear. Finding GEM AU problem free early bust coins like this is a challenge!

Exceptional surfaces have NO serious problems. The planchet seems to have a few very minor imperfections-which is typical. A surprising strong luster shows off totally ORIGINAL pale gold/deep silver colors. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck and do stand out. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 5, NGC 4, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only 5 MS pieces after 25+ years of operations. The last PCGS CAC AU58 piece to sell brought $23,500.00 01/2014 Heritage. In 2008 two of these (probably only one coin) sold for $32,200.00.

This is a great coin for any Bust Dime or Type set. Even if you are a very selective buyer, this coin WILL more then impress you!

We are surprised this magnificent coin is still in our inventory. We really want it to have a good home. Here is something neat to do: Start a 1800 set of coins. Buy this and the $1 1800 PCGS AU58 we have posted (now discounted) . Put 1/3 down and pay the balance by Dec 22nd! That's real opportunity.

Item - 10426
$ 2450.00
One a faint well HIDDEN line or two keeps this awesome colored coin from being a PR67!

Deep, crystal clear, clean, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. They look like a freshly made sheet of glass. Both sides are bathed in totally original cascading colors of navy/green/pale magenta/rose. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have crisp stand out strikes. The eye appeal is gorgeous!

Just 886 were minted. PCGS 18, NGC 29, CAC 16. PCGS has graded only TWO in PR66+. We can't understand how a 128 year old coin that is nearly perfect can be worth UNDER $3,000.00. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Item - 10459
10C 1892 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 4750.00
This is a very cool coin. It looks like a little jewel or intensely cameoed medal!

Superior deep, crystal clear, clean, and highly reflective mirrors beam from all over. The mirrors look like a freshly made sheet of ice. Any lines you see-are on the holder-NOT the coin. Both sides are a natural creamy white with a hint of pale gold. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have needle sharp strikes. Th eye appeal is gorgeous!

PCGS 6, NGC 16, CAC 9. There are 2 PCGS PR68 coins (one brought $17,625.00 earlier this year). The last one of these to sell in major auction brought $4,406.00 07/2014 Heritage. As you can see, these are NOT common. Plus, this coin has great eye appeal!


Half Dollars:Reeded Edge
Item - 10433
$ 62500.00
Before the days of 3rd party certification, a coin like this easily would be called a GEM BU 65. We think it should be today as well. PCGS obviously sees something we don't.

The surfaces are incredibly clean and smooth. Of course we went over both sides carefully with a strong glass-and found nothing of any significance. There are traces of semi-prooflike mirrors. A strong luster vividly illuminates a sensational and totally original mix of vibrant olive/rose/gold/blue colors that are evenly spread all over. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and do have light frost. The eye appeal is more then just jaw dropping!

PCGS 5, NGC 4, CAC 3 (we think this coin is 2X). PCGS has graded only 2 coins higher. NO PCGS MS64 has ever sold in an auction. The printed estimates of value are all wrong-NONE have ever traded. In an auction this coin would probably sell for close to $65-75,000.00 and not be overvalued (in our opinion). Not only is this coin a "must buy" for any Bust Half set, its a "must buy" for any GEM Type Collection as well.

Half Dollars:Seated
Item - 10434
50C 1874 W/A PCGS MS67
$ 89500.00
You just never know what is out in that deep black hole of collectors. It took 25+ years for this coin to be graded by PCGS. Legend had placed it more then a decade ago -when it was in an old NGC MS67 holder. Only recently did we reacquire this GEM and crossed it. We have seen NO W/A 73-74 Half any where near its quality! This is one of our all time favorite coins.

Absolutely FLAWLESS surfaces are velvety smooth. There is no question this remarkable GEM sat totally undisturbed for many years. A moderate luster shows off awesome but deeper totally original colors of navy/forest green/green/violet/rose colors that swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and do have thick frost. The looks are so strong-your eye balls will pop out!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin has been away since we placed it back in 2003. Prior to that it had not been on the market for many years as well. We know our asking price is more then fair. If a few major players (dealers) we know had it, we'd be they'd be asking six figures. A possible once in a life time Opportunity Knocks so loud for any Seated Half or Type Collector.

Half Dollars:Barber
Item - 10435
50C 1903 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 21500.00
OMG! This is a screaming headlight of a Proof! We have never seen any post 1900 as stunning. The quality is so super high end-even we resubmitted it. We are stunned it did not +.

High voltage mirrors can be considered ultra deep. They have killer crystal clear clarity, they are clean, and they have nearly blinding reflectivity. Both sides are an electric silvery white w/the slightest hint of gold by the rims only. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have full crisp stand out strikes. The eye appeal is UNBELIEVABLE! We have had problems putting this coin away at night!

ONLY 755 were ever minted. PCGS 4, NGC 2, CAC 4 (we know this coin is 2x). PCGS and NGC have graded NONE higher. There are NO Deep Cameos for the date. We assure you, when you see this coin in hand, you too WILL be WOW'd! We feel this coin is more then fairly priced because of its MONSTER qualities.

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 28790147 (the images does NOT do the coin justice)

Half Dollars:Walking Liberty
Item - 10460
50C 1940S PCGS MS67
$ 28750.00
Yes, you read that title correct, we firmly grade this coin a MS67+ (sorry, we can NOT guarantee it will regrade that) but PCGS does not. We do NOT think PCGS was grading + coins when this was initially graded. In our opinion, this coin looks more like a super high end 41P then a 40S!

There are more imperfections on the holder then the coin. The surfaces are amazingly clean and have a satin smooth texture. Even the dreaded right field is clean and smooth. A full booming luster shows off crisp ORIGINAL white surfaces. The strike is superior to most 40S we have seen. You do NOT need a glass to see the skirt lines, full head, or split thumb. The eye appeal is jaw dropping phenomenal!

PCGS 9, NGC 10, CAC 7. This particular coin last sold on 09/2011 for $27,600.00. It has been off the market ever since with a collector who has a tremendous eye for high end Walkers. The last PCGS CAC piece to sell in auction brought $35,250.00 04/2013 Heritage. When was the last time you remember seeing one offered anywhere? We do not recall seeing any. This coin is now priced ultra reasonable. Be glad its being offered privately and not in auction!

Item - 10446
$1 1800 PCGS AU58
$ 20000.00
What a lovely and top notch GEM AU original piece!

The surfaces are remarkably clean and smooth. Even with a strong glass you will NOT find any big marks or lines. A decent amount of original luster is still visible. Wonderful original album toning of blue/purple/golden brown swirls away all over. There is a teenie toning dot in the center of the shield on the reverse-mentioned for accuracy. Miss Liberty and the details are surprisingly well struck. There are NO discolorations on the high points. The wear is very hard to see. You will love this coin super eye appeal!

PCGS 26, NGC 50, CAC 4. We have NO records of any PCGS CAC piece selling auction since CAC began. Properly graded, non messed with examples are extremely rare. You will NOT be disappointed in this GEM AU piece!

Item - 10432
$1 1871 PCGS MS64
$ 7950.00
No dealer on the planet knows MS Seated Dollars as good as we do. We built the all-time finest ever set-the Legend Collection (see the PCGS registry). So when we saw this coin and the price it was a available for-we jumped all over it.

Overall, the quality is HIGH END. There are a few light lines/ticks in the right field (not really visible to the naked eye). A high powered luster shows off the gorgeous and totally original navy/golden brown mix that thickly frames the peripheries and opens into lighter centers. We do grade the reverse full MS64+. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have super sharp strikes that make the features stand out. The eye appeal is super!

PCGS 37, NGC 37, CAC 13. The last one to sell at auction brought $8,225.00 07/2014 and was NOT CAC. An MS65 would easily cost you $50,000.00+-if you can find one. This coin will be a great addition to any Type or MS Seated Dollar set.

Item - 10451
$1 1883CC PCGS MS65+ DMPL
$ 2450.00
AWESOME! This is a full 10"+ mirrored GEM!

It wouldn't be a real DMPL if there weren't a scattered few ticks around. NOTHING is deep or is serious. The mirrors are ULTRA deep and have that semi liquid mercury/watery look when you twirl them. They have amazing clarity and reflectivity. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have sharp strikes. This definitely is not a dipped out or messed with coin. The eye appeal is intense!

PCGS 737, NGC 212, CAC 64. PCGS has graded only 12 coins MS65+ DMPL. Keep in mind, MS66DMPL's sell for $4-$5,000.00+. Not only is this coin close-it has mirrors your eyes will melt in!


Item - 10430
$ 4150.00
Now this is a the way a GEM DMPL should be-fully black and white cameo!

Absolutely 10" deep mirrors can be seen from 10 feet away. The mirrors have a few ticks and giggles (because they are so deep). They also have great clarity-not even a hint of haze or milkiness. There is no toning anywhere either. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp full strikes. The eagle on the reverse is NOT struck from the pitted die. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 137, NGC 59, CAC 20. The last one to sell at auction brought $3,564.00 09/2014 heritage. We doubt it had mirrors as deep as this coin!


Item - 10428
$1 1884S PCGS MS63+
$ 62500.00
We just sold an 1884S in our sister auction company (Legend Rare Coin Auctions) for $164,500.00. This coin is not that far away from being a full MS64!

First, you see a full booming cartwheel luster. The luster is exactly like what you'd see on an 80S. The surfaces have some scattered and extremely light ticks and lines. There are NO major hits. Plus, the surfaces do offer traces of semi-prooflike mirrors. You can quickly tell how original this coin is by the off white color that mixes with a pale reddish gold (which frames the devices). Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. This is NOT an MS62 in an MS63 holder! The eye appeal is very pleasing.

PCGS 48, NGC 44, CAC 5. PCGS has graded possibly 3 in MS63+. NONE have sold at auction. The last REGULAR PCGS MS63 (NO+ or CAC) sold for $49,938.00 03/2014 Heritage. We're offering this VERY high end coin not even at HALF of what the MS64 just brought. If your building a great Morgan Collection, do know this date is impossible to find-especially w/the CAC bean. Of course, we'll do our best to work with any collector to get this coin in a great set!

Item - 10439
$1 1898O PCGS MS67 OGH
$ 1975.00
Can't say we have handled one of these recently-especially in an old green tag holder!

Superb in every respect. The surfaces are super clean and have a satiny smooth texture. A full booming cartwheel luster shows off pristine white surfaces all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have full strikes. The eye appeal is very nice!

PCGS 199, NGC 180, CAC 47. The last PCGS CAC coin to sell in auction brought $2,173.00 09/2013 heritage. These are not as common or easy to find as you might think!


Item - 10466
$ 18500.00
PCGS was a little harsh calling this coin only a MS66+. There really is not anything visible holding it back from a MS67 designation (we make NO promise it will ever 67). Its definitely one of the higher quality Grant W/Stars you will ever see!

The surfaces are incredibly clean. Even with a strong glass all you will see are a few Mint made raised die lines (was struck). A strong luster shows off beautiful moderate ORIGINAL colors of golden brown/pale lavender/silver/light purple that gently cover both sides. All of the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is exceptional!

PCGS 40, NGC 39, CAC 8. PCGS has graded only 3 coins MS66+. NO PCGS CAC MS66+ has sold in auction. A PCGS MS66 NON CAC did sell for $18,800.00 11/2013 Heritage. The last PCGS MS67 CAC to sell brought $48,875.00 01/2012 Heritage. The coin we are offering here is HIGH END and does represent a great value!

Item - 10457
$ 9950.00
ALL Washington Carver Commems are RARE in true GEM. But to find one in SUPERB GEM MS67-thats off the charts rare!

This has to be one of the cleanest W/C we have ever seen. Only with a really strong glass can we find a piece of lint hidden on the head. There is little weakness or and no real scuffs. A full booming luster shows off gorgeous totally ORIGINAL pale lime green peripheral colors that open into creamy white centers. ALL of the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is both superior and amazing!

PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 2. The last one to sell in auction brought $9,463.00 02/2014 Heritage. This would make a great Type piece or addition to any great GEM Commem set. NONE Are graded higher anywhere! Your certainly NOT going to get many opportunities to buy a SUPERB GEM like this!

Gold:Quarter Eagles:Indian
Item - 10444
$2.5 1910 PCGS MS65
$ 4750.00
These can be so annoying to grade sometimes. it is refreshing when a stone bold GEM like this appears. There is no question this coin is a true MS65!

We used a strong glass to survey the surfaces. There are NO problems of ANY size, ANY where. A decent luster shows off soft and totally original two tone orange/deep gold colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. All of the details are frosty and are sharply struck. The eye appeal is very pleasing!

PCGS 104, NGC 177, CAC 25. The last PCGS CAC piece that sold in auction brought $6,462.00 09/2013 Heritage. With gold a little off, not is a great time to buy a difficult to find coin like this.


Gold:Quarter Eagles:Indian
Item - 10441
$2.5 1928 PCGS MS65
$ 2875.00
We agree with PCGS and CAC. This coin is a full MS65!

There is a thin line or two on the reverse. However, the obverse is especially clean. Both sides have a strong luster. The color is a vibrant totally original yellow gold. There are NO spots. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are well struck. The eye appeal is great!

PCGS 304, NGC 435, CAC 34. We have NEVER been able to offer one of these this cheap. Buy it while you can! At these prices, there is no supply.


Gold:Half Eagles:Liberty
Item - 10467
$5 1846 LG DT PCGS MS62
$ 5950.00
This is a more then wonderful example of this hard to find date. The quality is VERY high end!

Overall, the surfaces are exceptionally clean and semi satiny. Only with a strong glass can you find some ever so minor ticks and a scattered line or two. A surprisingly strong luster shows off the beautiful totally original deeper yellow gold color. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are extremely well struck and do standout. The eye appeal is super!

PCGS 8, NGC 4, CAC 3. Prior to this coin, the last auction record we could find for ANY MS PCGS MS62 (NON CAC) was from 2010. Back then a MS62 realized $4,025.00. Fast forward to today, these are still very rare coins in MS62 and higher (PCGS has only graded 2 coins higher)!

Item - 10437
$10 1846 PCGS AU55
$ 10000.00
Seriously above average for the date. Collectors do not realize how "ratty" these earlier date P Mints can come.

The surfaces have the typical pinpoint ticks and a few light stray lines. Nothing is big or stands out and catches your eye. A surprising strong luster lights up totally original deeper gold/pale burnt orange colors. There are NO spots or discolorations. You can clearly see this is an unmessed with ORIGINAL coin. Miss Liberty and the details are actually fully struck. The wear is extremely light. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 5, NGC 13, CAC 3. After 25+ years of operations, PCGS has graded only 3 coins higher. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. In fact-here's proof of the dates rarity-the last PCGS AU55 to sell at auction, was back in 11/2000 B+M! That coin then brought $7,475.00. Even in AU58-the last one of those to sell was back in 2004 for $13,225.00. We can't stress enough what a tremendous opportunity this coin is for any $10 Lib collector!

For a sneak peak, visit PCGS cert verification: 30838661

Item - 10450
$10 1849 PCGS MS62
$ 8950.00
No question this is a very choice and good looking piece! The quality is high end.

Overall, the surfaces do appear clean. Only with a strong glass can you find the teeniest of ticks and giggles scattered about. A light to moderate luster is visible. Both sides have a superb totally ORIGINAL gold color that is highlighted by light gold (NOT dirty) toning. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck. The eye appeal is really nice!

PCGS 12, NGC 11, CAC 3. Get this: the last one to sell in a major auction (prior to this coin) according to our records, was back in 2006 B+M. In MS63, one hasn't sold since 2000! WOW! The current Collectors Universe Value is $9,250.00. Opportunity knocks loud here for any No Motto $10 Liberty Collector!

Item - 10452
$10 1869S PCGS AU50
$ 8750.00
VERY HIGH END quality. We think the coin should have been designated an AU53. But then its PCGS call, not ours!

Impressive surfaces have only light ticks and giggles. You can clearly see light semi-prooflike mirrors and a strong luster. There are NO spots or discolorations. This coin clearly has NEVER been messed with. Both sides are a totally ORIGINAL deeper gold. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have sharp strikes. The eye appeal is really great!

ONLY 6432 were minted. PCGS 10, NGC 4, CAC 4. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. An NGC piece did sell for $8,225.00 04/2014 Heritage. PCGS in 25+ years of operations may have graded only 11 coins higher-while CAC has only beaned one finer. This coin will be a great addition to ANY GEM AU $10 set!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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