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Half Cents
Item - 10468
H.01C-$1.00 1856 PCGS 64+-PR67 CA
$ 575000.00
Legend Numismatics is pleased to own and offer one of the most exciting numismatic treasures that exists-a complete SUPERB GEM matched original 1856 Proof Set! Every coin is graded by PCGS and has been CAC approved.

This set has been intact since the day each coin was handpicked at the Mint-in 1856. The set has remained with the sale family until 2000 or so when a major dealer bought the families entire PR Set holdings 1856-1867. Legend was fortunate enough to have acquired the bulk of the sets and placed them immediately into great homes. This set was sold to a collector/investor who held on to it for 3 years. When we were re-offered the set, we immediately turned to Bob Simspon who bought it and 3 others (1857-1859). Now that Mr Simspon is overloaded with coins and is cleaning house, we sold this set along with the others (1857-1859) in our July 2014 Regency sale. This set brought $499,375.00. It is important to note, this set was in all NGC holders-with the Dollar grading PR67 and the Dime grading PR68 (we have the inserts). Of all the sets in that deal, this has always been our favorite.

We actually had $500,000.00 hammer to bid on it. You can not find ANY accurate values for this set. These are coins that have no equals! We can easily see this set selling for $1 million dollars in a strong market. If you seek something completely different-and NOT esoteric-here it is. Its highly unlikely that ANY other GEM PR 1856 sets exist-let alone one in such an incredible state of preservation!

Legend loves matched original proof sets. We would never allow a set like this to be broken up. Its just too great a treasure.

H.01 PCGS PR66RB. CAC. (NGC PR66RB). Amazing everything! Strong mirrors have totally original colors. Every detail is needle sharp and really stands out. The eye appeal is phenomenal!

1C PCGS PR66RB SLANTED 6 CAC. (NGC PR66*RB) WOW! Why is this monster not a PR67? Killer mirrors are more red then brown.

1C FE PCGS PR64+ CAC. (NGC PR65). The ONLY reason we can see as to why this is a 64+-pure spite by PCGS. This coin is perfect!

3CS PCGS PR66 CAC. (NGC PR67 CAMEO). Pristine mirrors do contrast with sharply struck features. the mirrors are super bold! We grade this coin 66+ CA.

H.10 PCGS PR66 CAMEO GOLD CAC (NGC PR67 CAMEO). Deeply mirrored. a just a few die lines probably spooked PCGS. We grade the coin PR67 Cameo.

10C PCGS PR66 CAMEO SM DT CAC. (NGC PR68 CAMEO). Only w/a strong glass can you see some die polishing lines. Awesome mirrors. We grade the coin PR67 CA.

25C PCGS PR67 CAMEO CAC. (NGC PR68 CAMEO). PCGS was clearly spiteful here too! An amazing SUPERB GEM w/deep mirrors! We grade this coin PR67+ Cameo at the very least! 50C PCGS PR66 CAMEO CAC. (NGC PR67 CAMEO). Incredible mirrors are nearly blinding! We fully grade this coin PR67 Cameo.

$1 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO GOLD CAC (NGC PR67 CAMEO). We fought hard w/PCGS about calling it a PR67 Cameo. They had to stick to their guns. they are absolutely wrong here-even CAC backs that up. This is one of the most amazing No Motto PR Dollars that exists-and thats not including the fact it is an 1856!

We can't stress enough the HIGH END qualities each coin has, the matched totally ORIGINAL colors, and how deep and incredibly flashy EVERY coins mirrors are! We rarely see sets in the 1900's anymore with this kind of quality or eye appeal.

Valuation was not a problem for us. Keep in mind, even in PCGS holders, each coin is pretty much still the finest known. A coin like the dollar we easily value at $150,000.00. We know for a fact we could get at least $125,000.00 WHOLESALE for it if we broke the set (maybe more if we really shopped it). Plus, its a PR66+ which even CAC agrees with was harsh (it had been an NGC PR67). Non Camoed PR65's trade for $60,000.00 (we've seen one that is dark and ugly). Here you have a coin that should a PR67 with gorgeous moderate original toning and killer mirrors. Plus, we did figure 5% for the total set value. This set definitely has serious upside potential. Opportunity knocks loud here! Call or email us to discuss how we can help you own this once in a life time set.

Item - 10474
$ 16500.00
Legend, having built the #1 all time finest ever PCGS Registry set of MS Barber Dimes, we know how these do and do not come. We can tell you, O Mints rarely come anywhere near as nice as this coin! If we had not been busy buying up so many other things, we'd have bought this coin out of Newman as well.

Amazing surfaces are virtually flawless. Only with a really strong glass can you detect a very insignificant line or two. The surfaces do appear satiny. A full booming luster (Unusual for an O Mint) illuminates the gorgeous and totally ORIGINAL green/gold/lemon color scheme thats all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have exceptional strikes. The eye appeal is pure candy!

PCGS 2, NGC 1, CAC 2. PCGS or NGC have graded NONE higher. In the Newman sale, this coin brought $15,862.50-in an MS67 holder. This would be a monster Type or killer addition to ANY GEM set! We think a piece like this given its pedigree and pop is dirt cheap below $25,000.00. We'll take this over any PR70 widget any day!

Twenty Cent Pieces
Item - 10476
20C 1876 PCGS MS67+
$ 66500.00
This is a famous piece well known for always being a VERY HIGH END MS67. It has largely been felt this piece maybe the finest 20C in existence!

No question this coin was carefully stored since the day it left the Mint. The surface are super clean and satiny smooth. There are 2 microscopic die ticks in the right field-you really need a glass to see them. An intense booming luster shows off gorgeous moderate shades of totally original olive/rose/blue/gold colors that swirl all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have remarkable sharp strikes. Every people who sees this coin has one word for its eye appeal: WOW!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. If you are building either the ultimate Type or MS 20C set, this coin belongs in it! Once this coin is sold, we doubt you will ever see anything else like it offered.

Half Dollars:Seated
Item - 10473
50C 1882 PCGS PR67 CAMEO
$ 14750.00
When we first saw this coin it was love pure love. We still have trouble putting it away!

Stunning mirrors are super clean, crystal clear, deep, and boldly reflective. The mirrors appear like a freshly made sheet of ice being hit by the morning sun. A mellow and totally ORIGINAL mix of pale golden brow/blue splashes on part of the right obverse and a little of the reverse rims. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck and have thick white frost. The eye appeal is stunning!

PCGS 2, NGC 4, CAC 4 (we do know this coin is 2x). There has NEVER been ANY 50C 1882 PCGS PR67 CA CAC pieces in auction. If you are building a PR Seated set or Type set, this coin is a "must see"!


Half Dollars:Seated
Item - 10470
50C 1886 PCGS MS65
$ 4750.00
This is a superb example of an extremely rare MS Seated Half.

The surfaces are super clean and have prooflike mirrors. A wonderful mix of moderate and totally original navy/violet/pale purple colors is evenly spread all over. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have crisp sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fantastic!

ONLY 5000 were minted. PCGS 7, NGC 10, CAC 2. PCGS possibly has graded only 6 coins higher. These are so rare that the last one to sell in auction was way back in 2003! We can't stress enough what a great opportunity this coin represents!


Half Dollars:Barber
Item - 10472
$ 16750.00
Superb in every respect! What a great MS Barber Half!

Superior surfaces are super clean and smooth. Even using a strong glass will yield you no problems of any size, any where. The luster is surprisingly intense. Both sides are an original creamy white intermingled with soft splashes of gold. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and have extra sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 2. PCGS has graded 2 coins higher. This coin was hand selected by the late David Akers for the Dr Duckor set of MS Barbers-one of the best ever. This coin last sold unbeaned for $13,800.00 04/2009 heritage. This is not a date you see frequently offered in any grade. A lot of time has passed.

Half Dollars:Walking Liberty
Item - 10475
50C 1946S PCGS MS67
$ 3950.00
We don't find these too often with pretty color. This coin looks really sweet!

Ultra clean and smooth surfaces adorn both sides. The dreaded right field has a very teenie tick/frost break. The quality of this coin is full MS67. A strong luster shows off a ring of deeper original reddish golden brown. The centers are a creamy white with speckles of light gold. Miss Liberty and the details are remarkably struck and do boldly stand out. The eye appeal is superb!

PCGS 55, NGC 71, CAC 27. The last PCGS piece to sell in auction was a non CAC. It brought $3,818.00 03/2014 Heritage. Do NOT be fooled, these are NOT as easy to find as the pops make you think!


Item - 10469
$ 20500.00
We'll use Sunnywoods own words from our catalog: "The popular Eight Tail Feathers variety marks the first adopted reverse for the new silver dollars of 1878. The design was later revised to seven tail feathers in accordance with Morgan's original intent, although the even number eight is actually more accurate. (According to Hawk Mountain's Research Center, most large birds of prey including the Bald Eagle have precisely 12 tail feathers, an even number.) This spectacular coin has some prooflike characteristics, exciting eye appeal, and PQ technical qualities - high end for the assigned grade. The color spectrum and quality of this coin are truly memorable."

Truly the ultimate in color and quality for an 8TF! We have only ever seen one even close-and we PAID $25,000.00 for a few years ago. The color scheme on this coin is mind boggling!

We are pleased to offer collectors a second (and maybe final) chance to buy a coin from the record breaking greatest colored dollar set ever assembled. PCGS has graded only 3 coins MS66+ with 2 higher (one sold for $46,000.00 in 2007-non CAC). The color premium is actually small!

Item - 10471
$1 1883CC PCGS MS66 DMPL
$ 4250.00
This is a coin that will make the pickiest DMPL collectors heart pound!

Superior DEEP 8"+ (and we mean real borderline ULTRA DEEP) mirrors have a "watery"/liquid mercury like appearance. A few very teeny and scattered ticks are visible (but do NOT detract). There is no haze anywhere. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have thick white frosting. The contrast/eye appeal of this coin are tremendous!

PCGS 123, NGC 39, CAC 16. Not many CAC's have sold recently. When they do, they have realized as much as $6,600.00-for an NGC piece! This piece has few peers anyway. We assure you, it is the real deal and the mirrors will blow you away!


Gold:Three Dollar
Item - 10477
$3 1855 PCGS MS64
$ 13250.00
This is not a common date nor is it seen in any frequency. The quality is really high end!

To the naked eye the coin looks very clean and smooth. Only with a strong glass can you find some light microscopic thin lines that keep it from a full MS65 designation. A super strong luster shows off totally original bight yellow gold surfaces. There are NO spots or discolorations. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and have generous frost. The eye appeal is really wonderful!

PCGS 22, NGC 22, CAC 7. Hard to believe we found NO record of a PCGS CAC piece selling in auction. A PCGS NON CAC piece sold for $10,350.00 01/2011 Heritage. It is a myth this date is common. In MS 65 they sell for $30,000.00+, if you can even find one!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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