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Item - 10998
$ 15500.00
What we are offering here really should not exist! It is a 174 year old Large Cent in perfect condition! PCGS was a bit too tight with calling this coin a 65RB (actually they were ridiculous). The quality is ULTRA HIGH END!

At first glance you see a perfect coin. Then when using a strong glass, you still see a perfect coin. For the life of us, we do not know why this coin is not a MS66RB. The colors are about 75% GEM ORIGINAL MINT RED. There are a few pinpoint toning dots scattered around. Some mellow light brown color is visible too. Miss Liberty and the details are lightly frosted and have crisp full strikes. The eye appeal is like the quality-unbelievable!

PCGS 6, NGC 0, CAC 2. PCGS has graded one higher. This coin last sold in the Naftzger sale (where purchased by Legend) back in 09/2009 for $10,925.00. We assure you, there are few (if any) equals to this magnificent GEM!

Item - 10994
1C 1857 LG PCGS PR66BN
$ 15500.00
Even if you do not collect Large cents, this coin is so neat and beautiful it will make you start thinking about doing so.

If PCGS really wanted to, they could have designated this coin a Cameo. Ultra deep mirrors are super clean, have outstanding clarity, and are intensely reflective all over. The mirrors look like a freshly make sheet of perfect glass. Wonderful moderate and totally ORIGINAL colors of chocolate/brown/purple/green colors swirl all over. This coin has NEVER had an MS70 bath (it would be blue and purple). Miss Liberty and the details are knife sharp in strike. They boldly stand out with ultra thick colored frost. The eye appeal is sensational!

ONLY 238 were ever minted. PCGS 4, NGC 10, CAC 3 (we think this coin is 2X on the CAC pops). PCGS has graded NONE higher. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. In fact the last piece to sell was back in 2008-when it realized $10,350.00 11/08 Stacks. We cannot stress enough the phenomenal quality and opportunity this coin offers.

Item - 10997
1C 1911 PCGS PR66+RB
$ 17500.00
We admit first thing, we did try this coin for a PR67 RB. All we can say is, PCGS must have been in a super bad mood the day this coin came in to graded. To us, it sure looks much better then just a PR66+. And its got MONSTER colors that would make a peacock blush!

Incredible surfaces are flawless. They display a full Matte texture that is undisturbed. There is some luster. You will not find any spots. A rich blend of totally original and electric colors of pearl green/gold/fiery violet/pale Mint red/purple all swirl vividly on both sides. Any master artist would give a thumbs up to this outrageous work of month nature. Lincoln and the details are needle sharp in strike. The rims are thick and stand out. The eye appeal is jaw dropping tremendous!

PCGS 21, NGC 16, CAC 8. This is the ONLY PCGS PR66+ RB. PCGS has graded only ONE coin finer. If you are building a monster set-then look no further-this is your dream coin!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 11008
3CS 1860 PCGS PR66
$ 9750.00
This is a mystery date in a way. Not only can we never find any, when we do they are poor quality with little eye appeal. It was easy to buy this Superb GEM!

Extra deep mirrors beam from all over. Only with a strong glass can you find a few minor planchet issues, but overall the surfaces are clean. The mirrors are crystal clear and have bold reflectivity. A wonderful moderate mix of original pale navy/purple/blue/pale champagne colors swirl all over. Every detail is sharply struck and does exhibit frosting. The eye appeal is super!

Even though 1000 were minted, most were melted due to poor sales at the Mint. PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 6 (we're pretty sure this coin is 2-3x). There is one PR67+. Good luck on finding another 1860 in PR66! The current Collectors Universe Value is $10,000.00. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction. We can't stress any more how much of a "stopper" date this is!

Item - 11009
$ 275000.00
Unbelievable that this coin even exists. This is the UNQUESTIONABLE ONLY PROOF CC 1876 DIME that exists! If it weren't a CC Proof, it probably would be a PR67!

Take away the CC, this Dime looks like any other SUPERB GEM Proof. Full deep mirrors beam from all over. They are amazingly crystal clear, are super clean, and have bold reflectivity. Even using a strong glass you do not see any imperfections. The mirrors are very glass like. A mellow and totally original mix of pale gold/navy/olive/rose colors swirl evenly all over. Miss Liberty and the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and have thick frost. The eye appeal is tremendous!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin used to be the PR66. We have seen one or two Specimens. We can assure you, they are not even close to this coin. We bought this coin back in 2008 for Bob Simpson and paid $178,250.00 Superior. Only due to some spring cleaning is this coin even available. For any CC enthusiast and dime collector this coin represents a once in a lifetime opportunity! The current Collectors Universe Value is $350,000.00.

We can't stress how loud opportunity knocks here-especially since Gardner or Pogue don't have one!

Item - 11004
$ 12950.00
WOW! There is no such thing as a finer 13S MS Barber Dime! This coin was ex Law/Simpson the greatest MS Barber Dime set ever assembled.

Save for one microscopic planchet fleck, this coin could grade MS68+++! The surfaces overall are seek. A strong luster shows off rich satiny untoned surfaces all over. This is not a dipped out coin. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is awe-inspiring!

PCGS 2, NGC 0, CAC 1. This coin brought $10,869.00 in the Legend Auction sale back in December. We bought it because it was way too cheap. If you are a contrarian (and or have stuff to trade) and want a great value-here you go!

Item - 11003
$ 4675.00
For a PR66 CA, this coin has unbeatable quality. We think at the very least it should a PR66+ CA. Not sure what PCGS sees we do not!

Sexy mirrors are nearly ultra deep and beam with a swaggered from all over. They are crystal clear, clean, and of course have nearly blinding reflectivity. A moderate mix of totally original champagne/lavender/gold colors all swirl around both sides. Miss Liberty and the details are heavily frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal is great!

ONLY 425 were ever minted. PCGS 3, NGC 3, CAC 2. PCGS has graded only ONE coin higher. After nearly 30 years operations, NO PCGS piece has EVER sold via auction! We can NOT over state the rarity of this piece. Opportunity knocks huge if you collect Cameo Barber coins or underrated items!


Item - 11007
$ 47500.00
This coin looks more like a commoner 1857 in high grade then any other 1853 we have ever seen! It has it all, great colors, super quality, and its 161 years old!

We studied this coin really hard for a long time. The surfaces are basically FLAWLESS and have a light satiny texture. A surprising full booming luster beams from all over and really makes the colors stand out. Both sides are evenly covered by a vibrant and totally original mix of golden brown/reddish gold/blue/pale green/pale violet colors. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is terrific!

PCGS 2, NGC 3, CAC 3. We're not sure there is another PCGS piece in MS67 as we made one into a 67+ (for a customer). Until this coin was auctioned-NO PCGS piece has ever been sold that way. One thing for sure, your not going to see many-if any PRE 1860 SUPERB GEM Seated Quarters ever offered! Opportunity knocks loud for anyone building a monster MS Seated Quarter set or a GEM Type set!

Item - 10999
25C 1913 PCGS PR66+ CAMEO
$ 3750.00
This is not a dipped out or marginal Cameo piece. Its a very high end SUPERB GEM!

Super deep mirrors beam for all over. They are also crystal clear, super clean, and have bold reflectivity. You think your looking at a freshly formed sheet of ice. A subtle hint of totally original golden brown/pale olive colors frame the peripheries only. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted a silvery white and have needle sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

ONLY 613 were ever minted. PCGS 9, NGC 4, CAC 3. Here is a notable fact: the last PR66CA to sell in auction brought a whopping $6,900.00 09/2011 Goldberg. Also, keep in mind, the next step up has not appeared in auction since 2008 and probably would cost $10,000.00 today. Opportunity knocks so loud on coins like this!


Item - 11010
$1 1798 SE PCGS AU58 13 STARS BB-82 LEGEND
$ 150000.00
Having built the all time finest PCGS Bust Dollar set (which now includes the lone MS63) we can tell you this coin ranks among the very finest Small Eagles. It certainly is the prettiest colored one we have ever seen!

First off, it should be noted these typically come miserable. Many have also been cleaned or have been messed with. This coin has not. The surfaces are surprisingly clean and smooth. Even with a strong glass all you will find are a few scattered and super light ticks. Slight traces of luster can be detected. Gorgeous probably album toning that consists of blue/green/gold/champagne colors is circular all over. There are NO dark discolorations on the high points. Miss Liberty and the details are well struck. The eye appeal is jaw dropping!

.PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 4 (this coin is at least 2x for sure). Yes, this is the coin that sold for a whopping $356,500.00 05/2011 Goldberg. That was simply an out of sight price. Still, it was the last PCGS coin to sell in auction. These are extremely rare in ANY grade over AU50. And to have the remarkable eye appeal like this does-WOW! This coin will forever rank among the FINEST Small Eagle 1798 $1.00!


TERMS: All coins are one-of-a-kind and are subject to prior sale

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