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Note: Click on Coin Image for Larger View

Item - 10927
1C 1865 PCGS MS66RB
$ 2350.00
What a terrific example of a hard to find Civil War era Cent this is. For us, it was love at first sight!

The surfaces are sleek and clean, while a full booming luster illuminates the natural, light brown toning. The colors only have a slight wood grain appearance when viewed through a strong glass and there are no spots or discoloration. Miss Liberty and the details are sharply struck and even look like they have been recast in some areas. The eye appeal is fantastic!

PCGS 5, NGC 2, CAC 4. We bought this coin out of our Regency 11 sale for $2,115.00. There was no reason for it to be that cheap. The current Collectors Universe Value is $3,600.00. We're not greedy and are passing the savings on to you! Plus, it is one heck of a nice coin.


Two Cents
Item - 10919
2C 1865 PCGS PR66RB
$ 3250.00
This coin is a borderline sheer perfection! It displays great color, mirrors, and pizazz. Plus, its from 1865. Its all great!

Extra deep mirrors really have superior qualities. They are crystal clear and have bold reflectivity. The colors are deeper but do beam clearly. Totally ORIGINAL shades of brown/purple/magenta/pale blue beam from all over. There are no spots. Every detail is needle sharp in strike and has light frost. The eye appeal is super!

ONLY 500 were ever minted. PCGS 13, NGC 11, CAC 3. NO PCGS PR66RB CAC piece has ever sold at auction. The last auction record for a NON CAC piece selling was from 01/2014 where a coin brought $3,055.00. You will NOT be disappointed with this coins quality or eye appeal!


Two Cents
Item - 10897
2C 1872 PCGS PR65RB
$ 1675.00
This is a gorgeous and VERY HIGH END GEM!

About 70% of the color is GEM ORIGINAL MINT RED. The balance is light brown. There are NO spots or discolorations. Both sides have super clean, crystal clear, and boldly reflective mirrors. All of the details are pin point sharp in strike. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 130, NGC 76, CAC 18. The last record of a PCGS CAC piece selling in auction was back 02/2014 Heritage. That piece brought $1,645.00. Our piece offered here is fresh to the market and is really nice!


Three Cent Silver
Item - 10909
3CS 1853 PCGS MS67
$ 5950.00
We marvel at how such a tiny coin can survive over 162 years in such a remarkable state of preservation. All we can say is WOW! This coin will be a killer addition to any GEM Type or MS 3CS set.

Pristine surfaces cover both sides. There is a microscopic die break on the obverse and that's it. A full booming luster shows off totally original pearl white color. Every detail is fully struck (there is NO weakness in the center shield) and do stand out. The eye appeal is like the quality-amazing!

PCGS 7, NGC 10, CAC 5. Last year, one brought $7,637.00 04/2014 Heritage. The current Collectors Universe Value is $8,000.00. We bough this piece right and are offering it at a more then fair price.

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10911
3CS 1867 PCGS MS66 GOLD-CAC!!!
$ 23750.00
Having built the #1 all time MS set and the set right below it, we know what these should look like. This coin not only is a real MS piece, but it really is a 66.9++. We did resubmit it once, we think PCGS simply does not understand the coin. Maybe one day!

Super satiny surfaces are ultra clean. Typical to most other rarer dates (1868+1869) this coin does NOT display any prooflike surfaces. A strong luster shows off 100% natural toning shades of blue/burnt orange/gold that swirl all over. The details are so needle sharp in strike you do NOT need any glass to see them. The eye appeal is terrific!

ONLY 4000 were ever minted. PCGS 2, NGC 2, CAC 5 (this coin is at least 2x CAC). PCGS has graded 2 coins higher-which we think is the single coin that is in our #1 Simpson Collection. The coin offered here last sold in auction at Gardner for $20,563.00. We think that was a bargain. You never ever see these MS65 or higher. Opportunity knocks so loud for any 3CS Collector!

Keep in mind, the quality of this piece is considered MS67 by CAC-who did put a a rare GOLD sticker on it!

Item - 10923
10C 1892 PCGS PR 65
$ 1250.00
What a glittering GEM! Love the colors and the crazy deep mirrors too.

For a PR 65, this coin has exceedingly deep, clear, clean, and intensely reflective mirrors. You don't even have to twirl it to see the flash. Both sides have a moderate and totally original mix of purple/magenta/navy/sea green/pale gold colors swirl all over (that is a toning dot on the cheek). Miss Liberty and the details stand out with needle sharp strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 52, NGC 45, CAC 9. We are shocked to find NO PCGS CAC piece has ever sold at auction so far. The current Collectors Universe Value is a mere $1,250.00. At these prices, how can you not want to build a set of these?


Item - 10905
$ 15000.00
This SUPERB GEM is just one teenie tick from an MS68 designation!

Superior surfaces are ultra clean and have a satiny smooth texture. There are a total of two ticks-one obverse one reverse that you need a glass to see. The luster is unbroken and is strong. Both sides are an original white with a light dusting of golden brown. Miss Liberty and the details are frosty and are fully struck. The eye appeal is superb!

PCGS 1, NGC 0, CAC 1. This is the FINEST 14S graded-there is not even a regular MS67 by PCGS (and there are only 2 MS66's). We bought this coin for the Law Set and paid $10,000.00 for back in 2004. Opportunity knocks loud today!

Item - 10907
10C 1942/1D PCGS MS65 FB OGH
$ 29500.00
As many of you know, Legend never has done a whole lot with Merc Dimes. We have always had a preference for earlier coins. This past week two Mercs stood out-this one and another rarity in MS68FB. We bought them both and we are pleased to present this coin to you today!

We rank this coin as a rock sold and evenly slight high end GEM. The surfaces are super clean and have a satiny texture. The luster is full and is booming all over. There is some light golden toning in the left obverse field, otherwise this coin is totally creamy white. Miss Liberty and the details are fully struck. She also has the typical die crack running down the head. The eye appeal is really nice!

PCGS 16, NGC 10, CAC 7. The last PCGS CAC example that sold in auction brought $28,500.00 08/2013 Heritage. Here is a great chance to acquire a 20th Century rarity in GEM condition for your collection.

Item - 10916
25C 1891 PCGS PR64 CAMEO
$ 1475.00
Hard to find untoned later date PR Seated coins. This coin has a ton of blast!

Superior deep, crystal clear, clean, and intensely reflective mirrors catch your eye from across the room. With a strong glass you can see a few microscopic toning dots and a scattered light line or two. There are NO serious imperfections to be seen. Both sides are completely untoned. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and have crisp full strikes. The eye appeal of this coin is stunning!

ONLY 600 were ever minted. PCGS 23, NGC 6, CAC 8. The last one to sell in auction brought $1,250.00 02/2014 Heritage. We paid MORE for this one because it is nicer and has more flash!


Half Dollars:Reeded Edge
Item - 10900
50C 1836 RE PCGS MS62
$ 18000.00
This superb piece is SUPER HIGH END. While we can not guarantee it will ever grade MS63, we actually think it might be worth more raw! We did resubmit it seeking an MS63. PCGS may have had a bad day when it was resubmitted.

We love everything about this coin. The surfaces are clean overall and look satiny smooth. Even with a strong glass, all you can find a very MINOR widely scattered lines and a tick or two. A surprisingly strong luster beams well from all over. Both sides are a deeper and totally original pewter color. Miss Liberty and the details are exceptionally struck. The eye appeal is great!

Only 1200 were ever minted. PCGS 12, NGC 11, CAC 4. The last auction record we have for one of these selling is from 11/2011 Heritage-that coin brought $12,650.00. Fast forward, we never ever see these offered in ANY grade of MS. So its really hard to figure a correct value-we do are certain this coin is worth more today then it was in 2011. in MS63 PCGS has graded only 4 coins. Opportunity knocks so loud here!

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