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Item - 10346
$ 10000.00
For sure, this is one of the wildest colored and highest quality 1909 Matte Proof Lincolns we have EVER seen (vaguely remember seeing the PR68RD years ago and that was a bold coin)! This coin easily makes the "MONSTER" category.

Stunning surfaces are coated with a SUPERB full Matte texture. There are ZERO impairments of ANY size, ANY where. A nearly blinding luster allows you to see this coin from miles way. The luster also shows off the incredible and totally ORIGINAL GEM Mint Red, gold/pale violet/green splashes of color that radiate all over. Other then toning dots, there are NO spots or flecks. Lincoln and every detail are needle sharp in strike. The eye appeal is incredible and just jaw dropping!

PCGS 3, NGC 1, CAC 1. NO PCGS CAC piece has ever been auctioned. In fact the last time a PCGS NON CC piece was ever auction-back in 2001! Besides the MONSTER quality offered here, we can not stress enough the extreme rarity this piece represents. There are 5 graded by PCGS in PR67RD. We highly doubt any of those coins are a glorious and stable as this piece! Opportunity does not just knock, it thunders here!

Item - 10347
1C 1911 PCGS PR66+RB
$ 16750.00
All we can say is, PCGS must have been in a super bad mood the day this coin came in to graded. To us, it sure looks much better then just a PR66+. And its got MONSTER colors that would make a peacock blush!

Incredible surfaces are flawless. They display a full Matte texture that is undisturbed. There is some luster. You will not find any spots. A rich blend of totally original and electric colors of pearl green/gold/fiery violet/pale Mint red/purple all swirl vividly on both sides. Any master artist would give a thumbs up to this outrageous work of month nature. Lincoln and the details are needle sharp in strike. The rims are thick and stand out. The eye appeal is jaw dropping tremendous!

PCGS 21, NGC 16, CAC 8. This is the ONLY PCGS PR66+ RB. PCGS has graded only ONE coin finer. If you are building a monster set-then look no further-this is your dream coin!

Item - 10360
1C 1912 PCGS PR66+ RB
$ 16750.00
1912 is one of the most misunderstood and hardest dates to find nice for a Lincoln Matte Proof. This coin is nothing less then incredible!

Virtually perfect matte surfaces offer a strong luster/gloss. One one microscopic dot can be seen on the reverse. The colors are a totally original pale Mint Red/gold/pale green. They sort of form a rainbow swirling pattern. Lincoln and all of the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and stand out. The eye appeal is gonzo great!

PCGS 13, NGC 7, CAC 3. PCGS has possibly graded only 2 in PR66+RB with NONE finer!

Here is your chance to own one of the FINEST 1912 Matte Proofs!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 06640313

Item - 10348
1C 1912 PCGS PR66BN
$ 6950.00
We know 1912 to be a "sleeper" date in terms of its extreme rarity in true GEM. And whoa, this coin is some true dynamite GEM!

Yet again we question as to why PCGS did not grade this coin PR67BN. The surfaces are clearly flawless. You can easily see the full matte texture. A bold gloss/luster beams from all over. There are NO spots or discolorations. Both sides are a juicy original brown mixed with hints of blue/pale gold colors. Lincoln and all of the details are pinpoint sharp in strike and boldly stand out. Like the quality, the eye appeal is phenomenal!

PCGS 17, NGC 13, CAC 7. Do not be fooled by the pops, these coin seldom appear for sale. We can not find any early auction records for this date or grade. Opportunity knocks loud if your a PR Lincoln Cent collector!

Item - 10349
1C 1913 PCGS PR67RB
$ 9750.00
Haven't used the name Godzilla in a while. Goodness knows this coin was more then worthy of that designation!

This piece has to rank as one of the all time finest ever PR Lincoln 1C. Everything about this coin is INCREDIBLE. The matte surfaces are pristine. They shimmer with a strong natural gloss/luster. There are NO spots or discolorations. A outrageous mix of GEM Mint Red/pale violet/blue/gold colors all swirl around and are eye popping. Lincoln and all of the details are needle sharp in strike and appear boldly. The eye appeal is mind boggling!

PCGS 4, NGC 6, CAC 2. The only time a PCGS PR67 RB was sold-was way back in 2006.Fast forward: the coin we are offering here is one of the very best in existence! We doubt you'll see anything similar ever offered!

Item - 10350
$ 25000.00
In our opinion, this coin is stone PR67RB all day. We did resubmit it to PCGS and they are being hard nosed for whatever insignificant reason. This coin is gods gift for the date!

Incredible surfaces shows off a full matte texture. There are zero imperfections. We looked hard using a strong glass and found zilch.A booming luster/gloss can be seen from across the street. Both sides have some of mother natures BEST original work: electric GEM Mint Red/gold/pale violet/navy colors that all blend together magnificently. There are NO spots or discolorations. Lincoln and every detail are needle sharp in strike and boldly stand out. Your jaw will drop and lock when it sees this awesome coin.

PCGS 18, NGC 17, CAC 13. PCGS has graded only 2 in PR66+RB (we think this is both coins). There are NOT PR67 RBs. We cannot stress enough how this very well could rank as one of the FINEST graded (even matching the 2 PR67 RD's).

This coin belongs in the VERY BEST collection of Type or PR Lincoln Cents. While we can't make any promises, one day PCGS will come to its senses and designate this coin what it really deserves-a PR67RB.

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 25259827

Item - 10355
1C 1916 PCGS PR66+ RB
$ 33750.00
Everything about this coins is ULTRA-ULTRA HIGH END, ULTRA incredible,and just ULTRA, ULTRA! Why PCGS chose not to designate it a PR67 RB we are struggling with. Regardless, it is one of the BEST 1916 Matte Proofs on the planet!

Remarkable surfaces are ULTRA clean and have a full Matte texture. A ULTRA bright luster/gloss beams from both sides. There are NO spots or discolorations. The toning is eye pooing and consists of electric and totally original green/violet/blue/gold and of course GEM MINT RED. Lincoln and every detail are needle sharp in strike to the point they look sculpted. The eye appeal is PHENOMENAL!

PCGS 15, NGC 12, CAC 5. PCGS has graded only 2 coins PR66+RB. PCGS also has graded ONLY ONE coin higher. In full RED PCGS has 3 w/NONE higher. We bought this from the insanely high end collection sold at the ANA Auction (we paid $30,550.00). We were captivated a few years ago when we first laid eyes on this monster. We have not resubmitted it. We're not crazy, as this coin is 100% irreplaceable quality!

For a sneak peek, visit PCGS cert verification: 16039039 (the PCGS image is horrible)!!!

Three Cent Silver
Item - 10334
$ 8950.00
Until the MS68 Gardner coin was sold, we had placed this coin in the Law/Simpson #1 all time (and probably forever) MS 3CS set. It certainly is all there and then some!

A surprisingly strong luster radiates from all over. Save for the Mint made die clashing, this coin is extremely clean. A moderate mix of totally original olive/deep golden brown covers the majority of both sides. You still can see the details sharp strikes easily. The eye appeal is pleasing!

PCGS 8, NGC 4, CAC 5. We could not find any records of a MS66 1854 PCGS CAC ever selling in any auction. The last record of one selling was for a non CAC. That coin brought $7,475.00 01/2007 Heritage! We assure you, this coin is NOT dreck!

Item - 10336
$ 4500.00
This piece belongs in a museum! Its a perfect piece that has survived for 131 years. Hard to believe!

Superb GEM surfaces have deep, crystal clear, super clean, and highly reflective mirrors. Even using a strong glass we can't find ANY imperfections. A faint hint of gold frames the rims only. Miss Liberty and the details are thickly frosted and full strikes. The eye appeal is fabulous!

PCGS 7, NGC 6, CAC 7. PCGS has graded two PR66+ DC's. One sold for $5,288.00 04/2014 heritage. The lone PR 67 DC graded has not appeared since 2004. We think it would easily sell for $20,000.00 today. Opportunity knocks loud here!


Item - 10357
5C 1916 PCGS PR66+
$ 6750.00
This is a superb and exciting PR Buffalo. It definitely has some life!

Outstanding full Matte surfaces are spread all over. There is a strong luster on this piece too. Both sides are evenly covered in a pretty (and original) mix of golden brown/pale purple colors. There are some light reddish gold streaks visible if you look really hard. Every detail is razor sharp in strike and stands out. The eye appeal is SUPERB!

PCGS 135, NGC 128, CAC 14. PCGS has graded only 2 coins PR66+. Neither coin has appeared in any auction. Opportunity knocks loud for any who loves PR Buffaloes!

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